Writing Short Stories For Fun and Profit: 30 Days Program

Your Short Story Factory

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Could You Really Make Five Figures a Month Writing Short Stories? If you’ve got 60 minutes a day, you can.

For the first time in half a century, writers can make money writing short stories. Can you make five figures? I have no idea… However, I know that many writers are doing well. Amazon’s offering you the chance of steady and growing income, for having FUN, because writing short stories is, above all, fun.

Consider, that you can…

  • Become a self-publishing powerhouse when you use the tricks and strategies of BIG publishers to write and sell stories;
  • Write the stories that readers want to read, and sell them, right now. Learn how to assess what’s selling, and analyze why stories sell;
  • Make money. With an audience of millions, you can build a fan base of readers.

Can YOU make money writing and publishing short stories?

As I said in Make Money With Short Stories:

I know of one writer who sells collections of short pieces of erotica. She tells me she makes $15,000 a month, and expects to make more, as she releases more collections… So short stories are goldmines, these days.

You don’t need to write erotica. You can write in any genres which appeal to you.

Writing short fiction is fun and easy. How quickly can you write? If you can write a thousand words a day, you can publish a short story a week. Writers are getting great results with the strategies I outlined in Fiction Fiesta, but I know – from what you tell me – that you want MORE.

You want to know how to create a publishing catalogue which ensures that every book you write sells the next. You want to write series of stories, for the same reason, so that every time you publish, not only do you sell your new work, but you sell more and more copies from your catalogue – your list of published stories.

Over the past few months, I’ve been coaching writers not only to write books, but to write short stories as well. And I’ve been busily working on publishing my own ebooks.

With so much interest in short stories, I’ve created a new program for you, so that you can set yourself up as a self-publisher, with a full publication program for the next 12 months. After 12 months, your catalogue will contain at least 25 ebooks, or more, depending on what you choose to write and publish.

NEW: Your Short Story Factory – Write and Publish Short Fiction

Your Short Story Factory is a 30-day program of coaching. It uses Fiction Fiesta as a base text, but goes well beyond it.

Over the course of the program, you will:

  • Assess your interests, and decide on the fiction genres in which you want to write. We’ll ensure that the genres you choose will profitable;
  • Develop at least TWO SERIES of stories. These stories will be connected, so that readers of one will buy the others;
  • Develop your publishing schedule, so that at the end of 12 months, you’ll have at least 26 stories to sell. If you’re keen, and want to write more, we’ll work on scheduling 100 stories for you to write over the next 12 months;
  • Research categories and keywords, so that you know how to set your books up so that they’re found on Amazon;
  • Set up a mailing list, and a (free) webpage for you on Weebly, so that you can create a mailing list for your readers. Mailing lists are key to making a great income from your short stories.

Comment from a student:

“I’ve finished five stories in the time it usually takes me to write a single story…”

Four weeks of personal coaching included

In Your Short Story Factory, we write together. You’re never alone. You’ll receive regular mailings from me, and we’ll work together creating your publishing catalogee and writing your stories, using Quip (free.) Professional editing of your stories is included. 

Let’s get started, right now. There’s never been a better time to build a new income stream with the help of Amazon.

 CLOSED… apologies. This program is completely subscribed…