Nifty Image Trick In Evernote: Edit, Save, Done

Did you know that if you have an image in an Evernote note, you can edit it in any image editor on your computer, then save it, and the image is immediately updated in Evernote?

Excellent. I’m a pen and ink fan so I’m always scribbling notes on index cards, notepads, and scraps of paper. I photograph my paper notes right into Evernote. Being able to right-click on the Evernote image, choose Open With, and open the image in Photoshop (or any image editor on your system) to enhance it is brilliant.

Automatic Syncing in Evernote in iOS 7: No More Updating Wait

Evernote user? You’ll love Evernote in iOS 7. No more waiting for your notes to update when you open Evernote. Notes are synced automatically in the background.

When you first open Evernote in iOS 7, there’s a short wait while your notes databases upgrades itself. From then on — magic. Create a note on any device, and it’s available everywhere.

Read all about the wonderful iOS 7 version of Evernote (there’s more than just syncing…¬†:-))

Yet Another Online Word Processing App: Editorially

Looking for the perfect online word processing app? Me too. So far, we’ve looked at Gingko, and Quip.

Now I’m checking out Editorially, which I like for a couple of reasons: Markdown and exporting. Editorially exports your docs in both Markdown and HTML, in a zip archive. Another plus: the interface is beautiful. (More on Editorially soon.)


All About You: Create Profile Pages

No website? I wrote about making money without a website on my freelance writing blog, and received questions about — a site which lets you create profile pages.¬†Here’s my page as an example.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business person, you can create several profiles to target various audiences.