Promote Your Writing In Any Way You Can

A reader asked how to promote your writing, when you write more and more. You can promote everything, it takes too much time. She was asking about promoting ebooks, specifically. She’s written around 15.

It’s a challenge. Do the best you can. With ebooks, you can try:

  • Bundling them. Try compiling three or more ebooks which are related into a new ebook. Don’t remove the original ebooks from sale;

  • Scheduling promotions for older ebooks;

  • Boost your mailing list for your newer ebooks by offering some older ebooks as freebies;

  • If you’re writing nonfiction, revise and update your ebooks. If you change enough of the material, you can turn an ebook into a new product;

  • Social media is your friend. Blog, and post. Develop new materials to help promote your older ebooks;

  • Advertise. Give older ebooks a push by running paid promotions.

Promote in any way you can. What you do doesn’t matter; do anything you like.

“I’ve got too much stuff to promote!” is a wonderful challenge to have… It means you’re productive, and are making money. Kudos to you. :-)


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Free Haiku Deck Template To Help You To Create An “About Me” Deck

From a recent post about “About Me” Haiku Decks:

I’m a huge fan of Haiku Deck, the presentation app which used to be available only on the iPad, but is now available for the Web too.

If you want to create your own About Me deck, here’s a free template from Haiku Deck to get  you started…

Google and SEO: “Social Signals are For the Long Haul”

“There is no longer any value in serving up generic or commodity information. With Hummingbird and semantic search, Google is getting better at using machine learning to understand the world’s knowledge base. The main reason for Google Search to exist, from Google’s point of view, is for people to be exposed to AdWords ads, the source of most of Google’s income.”

From Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2013: Authorship, Authority and the Future of Search.