Travel Writing is HOT: How to Get Started

I’ve received lots of questions about how to get started in travel writing. Nice work if you can get it; I’d love someone to pay me to go on a journey on the Orient Express. :-)

Joking aside, there are endless tourism and travel websites which need writers, and the simplest way for you to get started is to start right where you are.

I written an outline of a method on my freelance blog, 5 Easy Steps to Get Paid to Travel As a Travel Writer | Angela Booth’s Fab Freelance Writing Blog. I made this point:

Write an Insider’s Guide

‘Insider’ travel guides always sell well, particularly to magazines. Staffers hate creating these pieces, so magazines farm them out.

However, don’t forget websites. If I wanted to get a toehold in travel, I’d write a short report which I could offer to websites in return for a link to my blog.”

If you want to get started in any form of writing, do what others aren’t prepared to do. Over the years, I’ve taken lots of very cr*ppy writing jobs, just to get an “in” somewhere or other. It never fails.

Mind you, I love writing anyway, so I’ve never considered any writing jobs beneath me. I know some writers do… but take anything you can get when you’re just starting out in a new area.

I said I was joking about the Orient Express, but there’s a grain of truth there. I can see myself in extreme old age, climbing onto one plane after another, and settling in odd corners of the globe, for a few months at a time. Huge fun. :-)

More power to you if you want to be a travel writer; bon voyage. :-)

Pro Writer Success Package: Final Hours in Exclusive Offering

Pro Writer Success Packge

We’re in the final hours of the Pro Writer Success Package.

As I said here, Pro Writer Success Package: From Amateur Writer to Pro:

“Each week, I get a slew of messages from writers telling me their story, and asking me to give them the secret.

They want one SECRET…

Which of my guides, they ask, will take them from hobbyist to pro?

They’re asking for a ticket to success, of course.”

If you’re a writer, and want a successful writing career, the Pro Writer Success Package is for you.

Writers: The Simplest, Fastest Writing Business Ever


Want to create your own writing business? Even if you have zero writing experience?

You can, and you can do it in just 20 minutes a day.

This business is perfect if you want a second income.

Here’s the biggest benefit: this business lets you make money while you sleep.

Read Sammy’s story of how she created her own business.

Enjoy. :-)

Launch: Fab Freelance Writing Pro — for Professional Writers


Fab Freelance Writing Pro has finally launched. It’s been promised for over a year, and I think the time’s right for it now.

I hesitated over the launch because the number of writers making great full-time incomes online was low for a long time. (I didn’t want to take the risk that I’d launch this publication, and end up talking to myself. :-))

When I first launched the freelance writing blog and its companion freelance writing ezine in 2006, developing a career based solely on writing for the Web seemed outlandish to many writers.

Fast-forward to 2011, all the naysayers are working on the Web, as their magazine and newspaper gigs blow away with the wind… I hate saying “I told you so”, so I won’t…

What can you expect in our bi-weekly issues?

Essentially, as I say on the site:

No set format: you receive hard-hitting chats, tutorials, idea starters, hot keyword lists, and helpful programs I’ve discovered and present to you. Each issue is different, each issue boosts your confidence and your skills.

Get the tools, and learn the processes, to become prolific and successful.

Have fun with everything you write. The key to writing success is enjoyment – you’ll discover how to make writing fun, and keep it fun, while making money.

You receive everything I don’t want to share publicly, and which isn’t included in my many writing guides.

I’ve been longing for a platform where I can say: “Hey look at this…” or “Stop doing that NOW…” or “Use this…” Having lots of blogs is excellent, but they’re public. FFW Pro is for insiders. :-)

One of the benefits of spontaneous publication (I’ll be publishing at least twice a month, occasionally more often) is that I can post what I want, when I want. I’m very excited about it, and if you want to write with me, you’re assured that we’ll have lots of fun. :-)

If you have something you’d like me to discuss or explain in FFW Pro, please let me know.