Write Your Book: One Essential Trick

Write Your Book: One Essential Trick

You want to write your book, but you can’t get started. You’ve been planning the book for years. You know that the book will give you authority, and prestige, and you know you must get it done.

I’ve worked with many authors who are “writing a book.” Except they aren’t. They procrastinate endlessly. One client decided she’d write her book when she retired. By the time she contacted me, she’d been retired for three years, and still hadn’t started her book. (Yes, she did write it, and publish it, within a couple of months after we started working together.)

Here’s a secret: you don’t have to write “the book” right now. You can work your way up to it, by using Amazon.

Write a “Lite” Version: Have Fun and Be Playful.

You procrastinate because you want your book to be successful. You fear failure.

Amazon lets you publish your book fast. So, why not create a “lite” version of your book? This won’t be THE BOOK, the one you’re procrastinating on. It will be a version of your book. An experiment. It can also be your own private focus group.

For years, I’d advise authors who were unsure about a book to create a blog on their book’s topic. If their blog got attention, their book would too. On the other hand, if their blog was completely ignored, they needed to rethink their book. And yes, this worked for fiction too.

In 2014, Amazon gives you everything you need to test your book. Who knows? You may even make some money.

Vital: have fun with this. You’re not writing THE BOOK, after all. You’re experimenting; testing your idea. Be playful. Get it done. You risk nothing, and you may gain a great deal.

Give Yourself a Deadline.

Here’s the key: give yourself a deadline to write and publishing your book. Yes, the fun, “lite” version. You can create your book’s cover quickly: use Canva:

From go to whoa, the exercise won’t take you longer than five minutes.

I ghostwrite both fiction and nonfiction for clients. Although they’ll hire a cover designer when the book’s done, I like to include a cover in the MOBIs and PDFs I send them. Canva makes it super-easy for me. Thank you Canva.

Write your book, create a cover, and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

It’s a little trick to help you to write your book, and it works. Get started. :-)

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Want to Write a Book? Free Report

Write a Book: Powerful Writing Tips to Help You to Write YOUR Book (or ebook)
Free download on the Just Write a Book Blog

Want to write a book? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write, but don’t know how to get started. Or perhaps you’ve tried to write a book, and have given up.

I’ve been writing books for longer than I care to remember, and without the shadow of a doubt, the happiest four days of my life were after I heard: “We want your book!” That was in the late 1970s. A different world. In some ways a kinder world — but NOT to authors.

In those days, you had to pass lots of gatekeepers if you wanted to get published. You wrote for years, book after book, with constant rejections. Finally, if you were lucky, and persistent, you got an agent and a publisher, and finally, finally… a couple of years AFTER THAT, your book was on bookstore shelves.

I made a “do-or-die” commitment: I  gave myself ten years to get a book published. If no one wanted my books in ten years, I’d give up my dream of becoming an author forever. That was scary. However, I must have got all my rejections out of the way early, by writing lots of magazine articles and short stories, because six months after my commitment, I had a multi-book contract from UK publisher, Macdonald-Futura.

The more things change…

Today, you don’t have to win over the gatekeepers at publishing houses. Indeed, for most authors, shopping books around to publishers isn’t a consideration. You can make more money by self-publishing.

Whether you opt to go the traditional route, or self-publish, writing books hasn’t changed. You’ve got to get those words out. The report will help. Enjoy. I wish you everything you wish for yourself: writing books is hugely satisfying, and hugely fun, once you’ve written a book or two. :-)

Write Commercial Fiction

If you’re struggling with your writing, trading your hours for dollars, maybe it’s time you considered something different: write commercial fiction. Once written, your ebooks will sell for years…

Write Commercial Fiction

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Write Ebooks Fast: Create And Sell Your Ebook in 8 Hours (slides)

8 hour ebooks

Want to become an author? I’ve just released a new version of my popular “8 hour ebook” program. Lots of new material, and a couple of great bonuses too. It helps you to write ebooks fast.

You’ll find a transcript on this page.

More info on the update here.

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How To Write A Book Without Going Out Of Your Mind (slide deck)

Want to write a book? I’ve written many books, both traditionally and self-published. Her tips will help you to become a confident author. Write every day: same time, same place. Separate writing your book from editing it. Before you know it, your book will be done.

You can see the notes and the transcript for the deck at this link.

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