Savvy WordPress Blogger? Get Ready To Fall In Love With The Barley For WordPress Plugin

Savvy WordPress Blogger? Get Ready To Fall In Love With The Barley For WordPress Plugin

I love WordPress blogging, but like most bloggers, I wish it were easier. That’s not to say that WordPress is hard once you’re used to it, but I have many blogs. The minutes you spend dithering around with the post editor mount up.

I’ve long wished I could just create a post and have it instantly appear on a blog. Another fervent wish: to be able to edit an older post, in place… right on the webpage, so I could do more with my archives.

Here’s what inspired those two wishes: my intense jealousy of Barley. Barley’s an impressive Web editor because you can create and make changes to pages, right on the page. No saving or fiddling necessary.

The green-eyed monster’s gone. The Barley people have created the Barley for WordPress plugin.

Let’s see how it works.

1. Add a new blog post in your chosen format.

I’m using Barley for WordPress on my Just Write a Book Blog. The plugin installs in the usual way. Once you’ve activated it, you’ll need to add your license key, and then you’re good to go.

Here’s where it gets fun. Forget about the dashboard. Just click the New button on the toolbar, and choose the format you want. I’m using the default WordPress Twenty Thirteen theme on this blog; it has a great range of post formats.

Add a new post

Choose your post format from the toolbar

2. Start typing: delete the placeholder text, and go.

Your new post is loaded with placeholder text. Highlight and delete the post title’s placeholder text, and type your post’s title.

Just start typing

Just start typing

Notice the little tag icon? Click it to choose a category, add tags, and a featured image.

(SEO maven? Publish your post, and then edit the post later to add a page title, description and keywords.)

3. To add headings or a link, select some text.

Adding headings or a link is easy, just select some text.

Select text to add a link

Choose an icon from the formatting box

The star icon lets you add headings, quotes, and code. If you want basic formatting, click the edit icon. The link icon lets you add a link.

4. Want to add HTML or an image? Easy

It’s simple to add items such as images, video and code. Just click the “+” button.

Adding images is easy

Click the plus button to insert items

5. Click Publish on the toolbar when you’re done.

Is your post ready? Click the Publish button on the toolbar.

Want to update an older post? Freaky…

If you want to update an older post, you’ll freak the first time you do it. (I did.)

Just start making changes, right on the webpage: delete paragraphs, or add them. Add images, and links.

Update an older post

Updating an older post? Just make any changes you want

The changes stick. There’s no “update this post” or “save” button. The first time I updated a post, I couldn’t believe that the changes were saved. (They were.)

This is a huge timesaver. If you’re been putting off going through your archives because it’s such a pain, you’ll love the Barley for WordPress plugin.

Because I have a lot of blogs – my own, as well as clients’ blogs – I’m always looking for better workflows. Anything which saves time and energy gets a huge thumbs-up from me. After using the Barley for WordPress plugin for a few hours, I’ll be adding it to all my blogs, and client blogs as well.

At the introductory price of $12 for 12 months of use, it’s a bargain. By the way, a disclaimer; I have no connection to the Barley people (kudos to them!) I simply like this plugin. You may too.

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WordPress Blogging: Here Comes Twenty Fourteen (ooh, the Excitement)

WordPress Twenty Fourteen
WordPress Twenty Fourteen

If you’re a keen WordPress blogger, as I am, you’re looking forward to the next release of WordPress, version 3.8. This version is due on December 12.

I’m excited about the new default theme, Twenty Fourteen, which you can see in the image above:

Twenty Fourteen is intended to be a magazine style default theme, so having an easy way to promote featured content is important. The theme was originally intended to work hand-in-hand with the “Featured Content” plugin that is being developed for 3.8. As it is yet unclear if that plugin will be ready, the team opted to implement a “featured content” tag instead, which can now be found in the Customizer.

Some of my clients want magazine-style themes, so this will be perfect for them.

I’m looking forward to creating a new blog for self-publishers, and Twenty Fourteen will be excellent for that, too.

Unfortunately, Twenty Fourteen might not make it in 3.8; we might need to wait a bit longer. As Sarah says: “The theme’s inclusion in 3.8 is dependent upon how many things can be accomplished during the crunch time before the merge window closes tomorrow.”

Whenever it arrives, it’s a brilliant inclusion into WordPress.

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Google+ Fan? Get Better Integration With Your WordPress Blog

Jetpack WordPress plugin: the Swiss army knife of plugins

Jetpack just announced version 2.5 of its WordPress plugin. Features include Google+ integration, VideoPress (you need a Premium account) and Facebook Embeds.

By the way, if you’re not using Jetpack, why not? It’s free and brought you you by the wonderful people who created WordPress, so what’s not to love?

Jetpack has a MILE of options. We’ve mentioned Post by Email, one of my favorites, but there are many more. You don’t need to use all the options of course, just use the ones which make the most sense for your blog.

I’m thrilled with Google+ integration via Jetpack; I’ve been waiting for it for a while, and now it’s here.

How to integrate your blog with Google+ via Jetpack

In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Jetpack/ Publicize/ Configure.

You’ll see that you can promote your blog posts via several sites, including Facebook and Twitter. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see your Google+ Profile, as in the image below.


Just click, and WordPress will link your blog to your Google+ account. (If you haven’t signed up to Google+ do that first.)

Then you’ll see that your Google+ account is now connected, as in the image below.


From then on, you’ll see a link to your Google+ profile at the bottom of your posts, with a Follow button, as in the image below.


Very nifty. :-)