Jetpack WordPress Plugin: Excellent Statistics

I wrote about the Jetpack plugin earlier this week; I love it.

I’ve had several questions about it, so here’s what I’ve found most useful: the stats, and the Twitter widget.

The statistics module has become my preferred method of checking stats on a site. Just log in to your blog, and you can view all your stats at a glance.

As for the Twitter widget, it’s just a super-simple way to add a Twitter feed to a blog.

Edit: Jetpack has just been updated with some minor fixes.

Web Marketing: 5 Easy Ways to Make More Sales

Your Web site is the hub of your Web marketing efforts. Get your site prepared to make more sales with these five easy tips to increase your traffic.

You’ve got a Web site, but you’re disappointed that you’re not making sales. How do you get traffic to your site, and convince people to buy once they arrive? The answer’s simple, and consists of two words.

Read on to discover what they are.

These days, with billions of Web pages online, and many millions of sites, it’s harder to get attention than it used to be. However, people look for information on the Web 24×7, and if you can give them what they want, you’ll get attention, and you’ll make sales.

Here are two words to remember: Be There. That is, be available, encourage interaction, and you’ll make sales.

Let’s look at five easy ways you can be there.

1. Create a Blog: Be Real, and Be Human

Many businesses believe that blogging won’t help their business, because ______ (fill in the blank with your reason.)

If you believe this, let me ask you two questions: “Do you want more traffic? Do you want more sales?”

Did you answered “Yes” to both questions, you need a blog. Your blog may not look like an online journal. Few business blogs do. It may just look like a part of your site which gets traffic which converts to sales.

The point of a blog on your site is that it engages your visitors and turns them into customers.

2. Answer Customer Questions on the Blog

A blog’s power is derived from Really Simple Syndication (RSS.) This syndication is built into blogs, and it means that blog postings can appear on sites which syndicate news (Google Blogs, Technorati, and many others), within minutes.

Contrast this instant syndication with getting a Web page indexed so that it appears in the search query results — it can take days, even if your site is well-established, and months, if your site is new.

This instant-publication feature of a blog make it an ideal solution to responding to customer and pre-sales questions.

3. Create a Twitter Account to Promote Special Offers

As well as a blog, your business needs a Twitter account. Many businesses use their blog in tandem with Twitter to respond to customer questions. However a very  common use for Twitter accounts is to use them for special promotions. For example, the site Adore Beauty asks customers to tweet their Wish List: customers can win items on the list.

4. Add More Content to Your Web Site

Content counts. Every page on your site is an opportunity to be found in the search engines, so build up the content on your site for more traffic and sales.

5. Keep Your Web Content Fresh

As your site grows, your content can become hard to manage if you don’t have a content plan for the site. Appoint an editor for the site to manage the content, ensuring that the content is up to date, and that all the links work. This is vital: broken links give a bad impression.

Get traffic to individual pages by building up the links to those pages, so that each page on your site works for you.

Need help with Web marketing? I (Angela Booth) have been marketing online for many years. Brief me on your site: I’m happy to help.

Fatal Web Copywriting Mistakes – How to Make your Clients Hate You

What’s an “SEO copywriter”? This term is often tossed around by newbies, and is a fair indicator of fatal Web copywriting mistakes you should avoid. Here they are.

Let’s start at the beginning. Copywriting is marketing. Copywriting isn’t writing educational or informative material. It’s writing words that sell, whether online or offline. That’s all it is. On the Web, words sell much as they do in direct response copy; they touch the reader’s emotions, and get him reaching for his credit card.

In a nutshell: copywriting equals sales.

So please avoid these fatal Web copywriting mistakes – any one of them is sure to make your clients hate you, so that they not only will never hire you again, but will badmouth you in the industry.

1. Writing for the Search Engines

The search engines can bring you traffic, but they can’t buy a client’s products. People buy. Therefore it’s much better to get 50 visitors a day who want to buy a product, rather than 5000 visitors who typed a keyword into a search engine and landed on a Web page.

Should you use keywords in your copy? Yes, if they’re words buyers type into a search engine query box, and if the keywords are buyers’ keywords. Using keywords for any other reason will always dilute the effectiveness of your copy. See mistake #3.

A SEO copywriter knows which keywords result in sales for products. A good SEO copywriter is a copywriter first, and is a search engine optimization specialist second.

2. Writing Without Proof

Hype-laden copy which isn’t backed up by proof is ineffective, because it harms your credibility.

Avoid writing without proof. Saying “our product is the best” without proof is useless. Back up every statement you make, with testimonials or research studies, or don’t make them.

If a client fails to provide proof, it’s up to you to get it, in any way you can.

3. Failing to Track Sales and Adjust the Copy

We said that copywriting equals sales. Therefore, before a company hires a copywriter to write, they decide how they’ll track the effectiveness of the copy, and will inform you how they’ll track. For example, “our current conversion rate for the page is 2 per cent. We require your copy to convert at 5 per cent. We expect revisions without further charge, until you reach a 5 per cent conversion rate.”

I love clients who track, and so should you. If a client doesn’t outline how he’ll track, help him to develop a tracking method, and ask for a bonus (or at the very least, a glowing testimonial of how you improved sales) at the end of the project. Clients who track become long term clients, and they have the potential to bring you many more clients.

Angela Booth’s Copywriting Master Class – learn a valuable business skill and profit every day

Copywriting is writing for business: promotional writing. Copywriters write material like advertisements and they’re VERY highly paid.

Would you like to write your own copy, so you’re never at the whim of a copywriter?

Learn copywriting skills with top copywrter Angela Booth. Learning copywriting is easy, and you can use your skills in every phase of your business.

“Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” gives you a comprehensive copywriting course – learn powerful copywriting skills and use them for your business, and write copy for others too.

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Web Copywriting – Sell and Make Money Online

Every Web site which sells can use the services of a Web copywriter. As the Web explodes with millions of new sites, businesses need someone with competent Web copywriting skills, or they won’t make sales.

If you enjoy marketing, that is, making sales, you’ll enjoy writing copy for the Web, and your skills will be in high demand.

What Do Web Copywriters Write?

Web copywriters write sales materials. You may write the sales content for a complete Web site, or just single pages. In addition, you’ll write email marketing materials, and Web advertising. Your job is to sell online, using words.

Most Web copywriters specialize. Some specialize in writing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and landing pages for that advertising. Others specialize in writing content for online sales catalogs, or in writing email marketing campaigns.

You can choose the kind of copy you enjoy writing, and specialize in that.

How to Get Started

To get started, you need your own Web site. This is because Web copywriting involves writing for the search engines. Why? Because the search engines bring traffic to a site. Your job, as a Web copywriter, is both to get traffic to a site, and also to convert that traffic, so you make sales.

Your own site is your test bed. It helps you to develop your skills.

When you write sales content for your site you’re advertising your Web copywriting skills. The more proficient you are in getting traffic to your site, the more clients you’ll get.

I encourage you to test everything you write. Testing is the foundation of great Web copywriting. It’s essential. Initially you’ll test using the material you write for your own site – you’ll use those skills when you write copy for others, too.

If you enjoy selling, Web copywriting offers a new career. You’ll be in high demand, so get started today.

Selling Online? Increase your profits

Web copywriting skills are an essential tool for your online business success.

Whatever you’re selling: whether it’s your own products and service, or whether you’re acting as an affiliate for others, you must know how to sell online.

I’ve been coaching business owners in do-it-yourself copywriting skills for several years, simply because I believe that the person who knows the most about a product is the best copywriter for it.

Now I’ve turned that material into an ebook packed with tips – Angela Booth’s “Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting”. Discover how you can increase your profits today.

Become a copywriter and get paid to write

Did you know that most business people struggle with their writing? It’s true. If you enjoy writing and find it easy, you can write for money, for business. In short, you can become a copywriter.

Copywriting is writing for business: promotional writing. Copywriters write material like advertisements and compared to most writers, they’re VERY highly paid.

The explosion of the influence of the Web means that copywriters are flooded with offers of work. Even new copywriters find it easy to get copywriting gigs and to build their copywriting services business.

If copywriting intrigues you, join me in my Copywriting Master Class. I’ll take you from copywriting novice to pro.

“Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” gives you a comprehensive copywriting course, as it helps you to set up your copywriting services business.

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