Site-Creator Weebly: Perfect If You’re Novice Website Creator

New Weebly

From chatting with my writing students, I know that creating a website is an intimidating task. Therefore, I’ve been running a “create websites fast” series on my freelance writing blog.

For business owners who aren’t writers, creating a website can be even more of a challenge. You either end up paying big for a site which never quite does what you think it should, or you keep putting it off.

While there are many easy website creation tools available, my favorite’s Weebly and it’s just been updated.

One of the most useful features in the update is the Site Planner. Weebly Blog – Blog says about the Planner:

“Get ideas and inspiration to help you create a high-quality site or even to have fun refreshing your current one. Site Planner shows you how to organize your information, layout your pages, choose your site address and grow your traffic. And, best of all, it can be easily accessed at anytime while you are working on your site.”

Let the Site Planner inspire you

The Site Planner helps you to set goals for your website — it even has examples, and if you’re wondering what to put on your site, it gives you some ideas for that, too.

As you work through the Planner, you can mark each step complete. Of course, you can go back and review the steps at any time.

Want to see what your site looks like on mobile devices?

No matter what kind of website you have, these days mobile traffic is important. Sadly, many sites are an unappealing mess when accessed on a device. The new version of Weebly has you covered. The Mobile Editor lets you see what your site looks like on a mobile device, and whenever you make changes to your site, both the mobile and your main website are kept in sync.

If you’ve been hesitating and haven’t created a site, take the plunge. You can set up an appealing website in less than an hour with Weebly.

Manage Your Website: New Web Editor Barley Makes It Simple

Barley Web Editor

If you’ve got a business to run, getting stuff onto your website can be a pain. You’ve got to ask your Web person to do it, or do it yourself. If you’re doing it yourself, it can be confusing. It takes longer than it should, so you hesitate to update your site — and so you lose sales.

What if you could just type onto the Web page, as if the page were a word processor page?

With new Web editor Barley, you seem to be able to do just that. I say “seem” because the developers are only allowing 1,000 people to sign up a day — and there’s a backlog of over 37,000 people who want to get in.

I put my name down, of course. Some of my clients would love to be able to change bits and pieces on their websites themselves.

Barley seems delightfully simple — see the video below.

This article, Barley Aims To Be The Absolute Simplest Way To Create And Edit Websites | TechCrunch, reports:

“When Devroe (product co-founder) discussed the competitive landscape, he first mentioned WordPress, which can indeed be pretty complicated — and I say that as someone who’s writing and publishing this post through WordPress. There are simpler website building tools, such as Weebly, but Devroe pointed out that even in those cases, you still have to use a separate interface to lay out the page and edit the content.”

Agreed, Weebly’s easy to use, as are similar Web editing apps, but I can see the appeal of an app like Barley — I like it myself.

With some 37,000 people ahead of me however, it’ll be a couple of months until I get some hands-on experience with it. (Curses… :-))