Web Copywriting Tips – Write Sales Letters Which Convert

A Web sales letter which doesn’t convert (make sales) is just a collection of words. Discover four Web copywriting tips which will help you to increase your conversion rate.

It’s All About Credibility and Trust

Selling on the Web via Web sales letters is a form of direct response marketing; other forms include telemarketing, direct mail and infomercials. Since the Web buyer has no other references to answer his: “Who are you, and why should I trust you?” questions, you must establish your credibility on the page.

Trust is built in the way you write the page. One way is by offering a guarantee. It’s NOT the best way. You’re asking someone to trust you enough to hand over their credit card details, so saying they’ve got a 60-day guarantee means little – you could be a credit card scammer.

Here are four tips which will help you to write Web sales letters which convert.

1. Your headline must grab your prospect’s attention

Get him reading, and keep him reading… if your prospect stops reading, it’s game over.

“Cute” headlines and outrageous claims are a red flag. Remember that it’s all about credibility and trust, so write a headline which speaks directly to your prospect’s need.

2. Emphasize your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As your prospect reads, he’s conducting a conversation in his head. He’s asking “So what?” You need to answer him with your USP.

Therefore, before you write a single word, work out what your USP is. If you don’t have a USP, you can’t write a sales letter which converts.

Once you find your USP, build your sales letter around it.

3. Tell them who you are, and why they should trust you

Your sales letter needs to contain verifiable information. Add your (real) name to it, with any relevant affiliations.

4. Credibility check – your spelling counts

Your spelling really does count; it’s not just nit-picking. One way to recognize a hoax or spam email is by its spelling mistakes; buyers know this, and any spelling mistakes raise red flags. Spelling errors speak directly to your credibility: use a dictionary.

Writing Web sales letter which convert well is easier when you read your sales letters from the point of view of your buyers. Write to build credibility and trust, and you’ll sell.

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Buying is a process – make buying easy online

Do you make it easy for your prospects to buy from you? You will, when you turn buying into a process.

To create your process, you must know the steps your buyer goes through, in the buying cycle.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the price on an item, the more steps a buyer goes through to decide to buy.

1. First, he is aware of his own need, or desire. This need will not be at the forefront of his mind – yet.

2. Next, he becomes aware of your product.

3. He sees it as a solution… maybe.

4. Finally, he’s half-convinced to buy.

5. Eventually, he buys from you.

These steps may take place over hours or months, or even years, if he’s buying a house.

That’s a lot of steps in the buying cycle.

Matching your process to the buying cycle

Your goal is to catch buyers at every stage of the buying cycle.

To catch buyers when they’re at step 1, much of your marketing needs to be informative, to make the buyer aware that he has a need. Of course you want him to see your product as the solution.

For many vendors, buyers who are still at step 1 are ignored. With a high ticket item, you don’t want buyers at step 1 – there’s too much education required before they get to step 5. However, if you ignore these buyers, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

There are several profitable ways you can take buyers through steps 1 to 5 quickly, and land a sale. You can work the steps in the process out for yourself; if you need help, you can brief me. My Web copywriting services include working out a process for you.

A tip: be wary of spending too much time on the first steps of the process, without thinking it through. Once buyers are made aware of their need, and your solution, they’re almost primed to buy… from anyone. You need a process to stay in touch with your prospects until they’re at step five, and BUY from you.

You need a copywriter who’s focused on sales, just like you

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Web Copywriting Secrets – Get Found, Make Sales

Want to make sales on the Web? Effective Web copywriting which takes the search engines into account is the answer. You can get free organic traffic, which converts, saving on advertising.

Web copywriting is different, because Web copy should be written for the search engines, as well as for your prospects. Why? To make sales, and to save you money.

Here’s a case study. Jerry sells an ebook online. It’s a great ebook, and is selling well. However, Jerry’s spending almost 70 per cent of the income from his ebook on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

He’s not grumbling: the ebook’s a treasure. He gets sales every day, but his high costs bother him. Yes, he’s tried getting the ebook to stand on its own feet by cutting down on his PPC ad spend, but then sales slump. So Jerry keeps pumping cash into PPC.

He asked me to take a look at his landing page and PPC ads and revamp them.

I read the sales page copy, which was basically fine. However, when I looked at the source code of Jerry’s sales page and his site statistics, I saw that Jerry was missing out on lots of free traffic.

After doing a little research, I wrote Jerry a report, showing him that he could easily increase his site’s organic (free) traffic by at least 1000 per cent. Some of this free traffic would convert into sales. Over time, as the search engines indexed his new Web sales page, he would be able to cut down on his PPC ad spend.

It’s All In The Code – Your Page Title Is A Free Ad

When you’re writing Web copy, think of your page title, and the page description (which go into the page’s HTML code), as free advertising, because that’s precisely what they are.

Well-written page titles and descriptions make sales – they appear in the organic search results, and get click throughs, which will convert for you.

Web copywriting is an art – remember that it’s not just for site visitors, it’s also for the search engines, which will do your advertising for you.

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