Get Organized and Blog: (Free) Trello Makes It Easy

Get Organized and Blog

Want to make blogging easier? One word: planning. Plan your content, and then collect material for blog posts as you go through your day.

I’ve talked about blog planning before. Trello’s one of my favorite tools for planning various forms of writing. For me, it’s invaluable for plotting novels, as well as for collecting material for nonfiction.

Trello’s especially useful for blogging. If you’re a professional blogger, and blog for others, you’ll bless Trello. You can create a Trello board for each blog, so that you can focus on one blog at a time. And if you blog on the go as I often do, you can check your boards anywhere, on any device – Android, iOS, or Windows 8 Tablet.

Collect the graphics and other materials you want to use

When you’re planning blog posts, you need more than text. These days, graphics are vital, so that your posts stand out. You can drag the images you want to use this week or this month onto separate cards: an image will often provide the seed of a post. Add additional cards for keywords, post descriptions, and title ideas.

Once you’ve collected your materials, posts will almost write themselves.

Trello makes it easy to collaborate with others. After you’ve created a board, you can invite people to share it. They can add cards with information like checklists, assign tasks, and everyone working with a board gets notified of any changes.

Search and (never) destroy

Forgot which board you added a note to? Trello’s search works across all boards, so no matter how many lists and cards you and your co-workers add, you can find what you want easily.

Of course you can keep boards private too. No one else can see your personal boards.

If there’s a mistake – someone removes a list or a card – you can get it out of the archive. Trello is forgiving: you can add, move and remove lists and cards as much as you want to… and get material back if you need it.

Trello is an amazing tool for bloggers. Give it a try. You may find that blogging becomes less of a chore, because Trello will inspire you.


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Evernote Fan? You’ll Love the New Web Clipper for Chrome

New Web Clipper in Chrome
New Web Clipper in Chrome

Evernote can save your business. Seriously. I’ve had two experiences of things going badly wrong, and both times Evernote allowed me to keep working. Firstly when a hard drive and multiple backups on my primary work machine failed, and then when my cable modem died.

In both instances, everything important was in Evernote. I didn’t miss a single deadline.

I’ve written about being an Evernote fangirl before, when Evernote added Reminders. Hint to Evernote – a Dashboard, please:

There’s one other thing I’m hoping Evernote will add: a Dashboard. Ideally, notes with certain user-created criteria would be added to the Dashboard, so they’d be easy to find.

Fingers crossed. :-)

Evernote keeps getting better

I use Evernote every day, all day, on all of my devices. It just works, so I love it. There’s another thing to love too – the Evernote company. They work with other companies which makes their product better, and they give you things you didn’t even know you wanted.

I’m grateful that Evernote works with companies like LiveScribe and Zengobi, for example. I record interviews and chats with students via Livescribe, and everything goes into the relevant Evernote notebook. Zengobi produces Curio, my all-time favorite creativity tool, and Evernote/ Curio integration means that I can drag notes right into Curio idea spaces.

And re stuff you didn’t even know you wanted, Evernote has just updated its Web Clipper for Chrome. The Clipper now does much more.

You can save articles in different formats. From the Evernote blog:

  • Article: Clips the body content of the page, including images, links and styles
  • Selection: Clips the text and images that you highlight
  • Bookmark (NEW): Creates a note containing a snippet of the page and the URL
  • Simplified (NEW): We brought in features from our Clearly extension to strip the page of all distractions for easy reading and clean clipping

The Simplified format is stunning.

Markup your documents

Evernote’s brought Skitch into the Chrome Web Clipper, so you can mark up your documents before you save them. That’s a huge time saver. No need to go into Evernote to mark up docs in the app.

Don’t use Chrome?

Safari’s been my default browser for years. I keep Chrome open, so I can open Trello boards in tabs, to refer to them throughout the day, but Safari is my workhorse. I’ll need to switch that around.

If you’ve never used Chrome, give it a try. You’ll find it has some great add-ons, including add-ons for SEO. If you’re a Gmail user, Chrome also allows you to use Streak, which calls itself “CRM in your Inbox”, and that’s exactly what it is. If you have customers and sell, you’ll love Streak. (I’ll need to do a write up about Streak at some stage; it’s a gem.)

Evernote just got even better. Who knew that was even possible? Try the new Chrome Web Clipper. You’ll love it.

, and on Twitter: @angee