Don’t Want to Write It Yourself? Hire a Ghostwriter


Everyone’s busy these days. For many people, a ghostwriter’s an essential part of the team.

Your ghostwriter gets your writing chores done for you. Chances are, you’ve passed up opportunities because you didn’t have the preparation time. You knew the speech or the presentation would help you, but you couldn’t spare the time to draft the material.

That’s where a ghostwriter can help.

How to work with a ghostwriter

Working with a professional ghostwriter’s simple. You tell your “ghost” what you want done: “I need a keynote speech for….”

The rest is up to your chosen ghostwriter. He’ll chat with you about your goals for the project and the audience. (Confidentially of course.) If he accepts the commission, the rest is up to him.

He’ll put the material together, interviewing you, and researching your audience. He’ll write a draft of your speech for your review; then he’ll complete the speech.

Tips for choosing and working with a ghostwriter

  • Choose a ghostwriter who understands your industry and your audience. An experienced ghostwriter will freely admit if he’s not right for a project.

  • Ask for a scope up front. A professional will charge for the scope, but it’s money well spent. The scope will tell you how your ghostwriter will approach the task, give you an outline, and a projected timeline. A scope’s chargeable because it takes time to research the project, and develop the outline. A good scope allows you (or someone else) to complete the project if you decide not to hire the ghostwriter.

  • Make yourself available for interviews. Most ghostwriting projects require an interview, or many interviews, in the case of a book. A speech may just need a 30 minute chat. A book usually takes a couple of chats per chapter. Your ghostwriter will usually send you the chat’s questions a few days in advance.

Working with a ghostwriter can increase your effectiveness. You’ll achieve your business goals faster, with less stress.