Blog — tying all the pieces together

This Six Apart news sounds great Six Apart CEO Aims To Disrupt Social Networks – Digital Life Blog – InformationWeek:

“‘We want to make our products easier for people to interact with other platforms and perform common tasks right out of the box with less hard coding and more interacting with the various communities,’ Alden said.

In doing so, Alden said Six Apart’s approach would develop a so-called activity syndication on what he referred to as a ‘Blog Grid.’

‘Whether you’re on or off the grid, everything follows your interconnections, whether you are commenting on a blog or reading a blog or tracking back a blog,’ he said. ‘It allows user profiles and their identities more flexibility to follow them around.’ “

I’ve got a Typepad blog, many other blogs, my Twitter feed, etc — it’s hard to keep all the pieces together. Anything which helps me to do that sounds great.

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