Springpad: New Image Marketing Feature

Springpad Explore Notebooks

Notebook app Springpad has just brought out a new release with a powerful feature for brands and marketers, embeddable notebooks.

You can use Springpad on your computer, or on your iOS or Android device.

Over the years, I’ve tried Springpad several times, but the app was always too clicky for me — that is, it required too many clicks to use stuff once it was in there. However, the newly released version is a big improvement. Now the app includes a Pinterest-like feature with its embeddable notebooks.

If you’re doing image marketing, Springpad’s embeddable notebooks will appeal to you.

The Next Web at Springpad debuts embeddable notebooks aimed at brands & publishers, launching with Glamour, TripAdvisor & more reports that:

“Embeddable Notebooks can be created with existing content, which may include a company’s special offers. The Notebooks can then be embedded alongside a brand or publisher’s site content, or on Facebook pages, similar to how you would with a YouTube video.”

It’s a great way to add content to a site, and then repurpose it over many other venues.

You can use existing content, or create new content. Just create a new public notebook, and add content to it.

This post on Springpad’s blog gives you more information on how to share your embeddable notebooks.

Snap and send: create content on the go

Phone Springpad

You can share any content you like: photos, videos, audio and more. On your mobile device, just press the big orange Plus button, to reach the screen you can see on the right. Choose your content, and create.

If you choose Photo, your camera snaps the pic, and it’s automatically added to Springpad. You can file it in a notebook, and add a description and tags immediately, or later.

I’ll be experimenting with embeddable notebooks for my own products, and I’ll be encouraging my clients to do the same.

Currently, Springpad has around four million users, according to TNW; sharing increases that audience exponentially.

Yesterday, we talked about Flipboard’s Magazine feature, which helps you to share the Magazines you create. Today, Springpad has it Emebeddable Notebooks. We’re all becoming content curators — and the process is painless. :-)

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