Is bad SEO copywriting damaging your brand?

What’s the difference between good SEO copywriting and bad SEO copywriting?

It’s simple.

Good SEO copywriting gives you conversions. You get results.

Unleashed: Keywords and Content – Search Engine Guide Blog suggests:

“Easy-Bake Oven approach to SEO copywriting: create 250 words, add a few key phrases, publish. As a result, we now have a lot of crap copy out there. Not that people are spammy or bad, they just don’t know any better. The problem is people are in their own heads, trying to work in as many keywords as possible, rather than being in their customers’ heads.”

Whenever I take on a new copywriting project, I ask the client:

Who’s the audience?
What results do you want?

Two simple questions. Writing copy once you get the answers means increased conversions.

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Organic search and SEO versus paid search

I love Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it’s a real challenge. However, although many people believe SEO is “free”, it’s not.

SEO takes time, experience and energy which you can eliminate when you opt for PPC or other advertising.

As SEO is Not Free Traffic says:

“… (SEO is)… Hard to quantify, hard to prove in advance. This is SEO’s ‘Achilles heel’, and why paid search usually wins over natural search in the budget battles, receiving the lion’s share of the search marketing budget. This is a travesty, considering the searcher’s primary focus on the natural results and the fact that a searcher interprets a natural listing as an implied endorsement by the search engine.”

Both SEO and paid search advertising have their place. Which you choose depends on a number of factors, all impacting on the bottom line.

It takes time to optimize Web pages so that they rank. Not only do you need to get on-page factors right, you need to get links too. For a product launch, or a product push, when you need traffic right away, SEO is a waste of time – pay, and get traffic.

However, some of your budget and time should go to SEO, simply because when you stop paying for advertising, the traffic stops. In that sense, SEO is the gift that keeps on giving.

Your money and time, your choice.

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Would you like to write your own copy, so you’re never at the whim of a copywriter?

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Competition on the Web – what will it mean to you?

Aaron Wall always talks good sense, and this recent post of his struck me as particularly incisive, since I write content all day long.

How Competitive Will the Web be in 3 Years? 5 Years? : SEO says:

“As the web gets more competitive the answer to sustainability is not more content, but deeper content. In the time it takes to answer 100 Yahoo! Answer questions you could write 10 blog posts. In the time it takes to write 10 blog posts you could write 1 feature. And 5 years from now, content like the Blogger’s Guide to SEO is going to be worth far more than 100 of my average blog posts.”

Where will your site be ranked in the search engines in 2011?

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