Content Creator? Make Sense Of Google AuthorRank – New, Free Tool

Content Creator? Make Sense Of Author Rank – New, Free Tool

If you’re a content creator, you’re aware of Google’s AuthorRank. It’s a way to build your authority online. To assess your “authority,” do a Google search for a piece of content you’ve written. If your image pops up next to your content in the results, you’ve got authority, in Google’s eyes.

All you need to do to get the magic image is join Google+, then associate your name with your content.

There’s a lot of discussion about whether or not Google takes AuthorRank into account in its search algorithm. And if it doesn’t yet, will it take it into account in the future.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter. As Mark Traphagen says:

I’m convinced that if you’ve properly set up Google Authorship; and you’re creating memorable, well-targeted, authoritative content; and you’re building effective networks of fans and key influencer relationships to help spread it, you’re well in position for whenever “AuthorRank” comes calling.”

Got AuthorRank? Find out with this free tool.

Virante has created a free Author Rank tool, currently in beta. You can use the tool to discover how you, and your content, appear to Google. Here’s Virante’s Author Rank Tool FAQ to help if you have questions.

Just enter your Google+ account ID, and click GO. You’ll need to wait a couple of minutes to get the results. Be sure to save the page.

In a month or two, you can use the tool again, after you’ve created more content. As the tool’s page says: “The easiest way to increase one’s AuthorRank is to write better content on better sites.”

I tried it. I love the “themes” at the bottom of the stats.

Here are mine:


Computers/E-Books: 3

Business/Marketing_and_Advertising/Internet_Marketing: 2.53

Arts/Writers_Resources: 5.5

Arts/Literature/Horror: 4.45

That’s how Google sees me, according to the tool. To be seen as an authority on those topics, or on others, I’ll need to produce more good content in the areas in which I want to boost my authority.

Is the tool accurate? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter, because Google hasn’t said that it takes AuthorRank into account in its rankings. However, the tool does give you a sense of how you appear to Google, and that’s extremely valuable.

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Google, Oh Google: 10 Tips to Top Rankings

Ten Tips to the Top of Google

I enjoyed this article because not only are the tips practical, they’re doable for most people. Of course, only Google knows whether you’ll hit the top. :-)

TIps include:

* Focus on marketing basics;

* Consider your website’s structure;

* Build a digital footprint — be everywhere;

* Consider how your site will be viewed: multiple screens…



Simple but powerful Web site SEO grading tool – free


What’s your site’s SEO grade? Find out in moments with Hubspot’s Web site Grader.

I just tried the Grader on; the report the grader provides is brilliant – if I want to boost my rankings, the Grader shows me just how to do it.

The tool is completely free; I’ve bookmarked it so I can run some of my other sites through it.

Website Grader Gives Out Free SEO Tips says:

“Want to know how to get your Website high up in natural search results, but don’t want to pay a search engine optimization (SEO) firm just to find out what you are doing wrong? Now you can get a free, automated evaluation of your site on Website Grader. Just type in your Website address, and it will spit out a report detailing what you can do to boost your site’s SEO juice. It even gives you a grade.”

Great stuff.

Do It Yourself Copywriting – Never Be at the Mercy of a Copywriter Again

Got your own business? Write YOUR OWN copy!

If you have your own business, you need a top copywriter. Great copy can double and triple the income from your advertising. But copywriters are expensive, if that is, you can hire them at all. In my own copywriting practice, I take on very few new clients, because I’m too busy serving the clients I already have.

So why not write your own copy? Developing copywriting skills means that you’re never at the mercy of a copywriter: write your own copy, and build your business (and save money).

I’ve created a new class, “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” – takes you from beginner to copywriting pro. Join now – save thousands, and write your own copy.

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