You May Quote Me: Create Quote Images for Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ FAST

Social Media Quotes

Love them or hate them, quote images are everywhere. Here’s why. They work. They get Likes and attention. There are another reasons too — they stand out, and they’re FAST and EASY to create.

Stop groaning! You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create quote images.

I created the above image on Pinwords, for free, within seconds — no image editor or design talent required.

Let’s see how it’s done — once you see how easy it is, you’ll be creating image quotes like a maestro, and getting traffic to your website.

Pinwords mini-tutorial

1. Go to Pinwords. Upload an image from your computer.

If you don’t have any images, use one of the backgrounds Pinwords provides.
Upload an image

2. Choose a style and add your quote.

Quote Style

3. Save to your computer, or upload directly to social media sites

Upload to social media

You’re all done… You created a quote image FAST. Fun, wasn’t it?

Other quote image sites

Because so many people are creating quote images, there are many of these sites. I enjoy Quozio, because you can select a quote from your website or blogs, and it instantly creates an image for you. Get the bookmarklet; it makes creating images a breeze.