Bunkr: Increase Your Productivity and Enjoy Creating Presentations

Bunkr: Create HTML5 Presentations

If you feel that your productivity goes down whenever you need to create a presentation, you’re not alone. I love creating presentations in Haiku Deck on my iPad for that reason; it makes creating most presentations fast, elegant and easy.

However, some presentations require more.  What if you want to use a couple of slides from another presentation? Or a video? Or an article? Collecting your material, and then using it in your presentation is a hassle.

Enter Bunkr.

This article calls the Bunkr Web app Evernote for Presentations, and it’s an apt description. You collect all the material you want to use in the app’s library, so that that the material is always available when you need it.

The library is amazing. Rather than collecting material in folders on your computer (and then forgetting which folder, and which computer), you can collect material, and find it easily.

Once your presentation is done, it’s viewable on any device.

Export is great too; you can export to PDF, or to PowerPoint if you want to apply finishing touches, or add audio.

Here’s a short video which shows you how Bunkr works.



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Gorgeous Business Presentations for Really Lazy People (Fast)

Haiku Deck - iPad presentations

If you enjoy giving presentations, you don’t enjoy creating them. It’s boring. Not because of the content… When it comes to YOUR presentations the content is always stellar, right? Creating presentations is boring because of the software. My eyeballs bleed whenever I open PowerPoint, and KeyNote isn’t much better.

Whenever I see “create presentation” on my projects list I shudder.

But what if creating presentations could be fun? And fast? And moreover, what if the presentations you created were a long way from dull-as-dirt PowerPoint slides?

If you want to have fun while you create gorgeous presentations, you need an iPad.

Then you need to grab Haiku Deck from the App Store. Cost? Nothing. It’s free, although you can buy additional themes, from within the app if you like.

Haiku Deck is celebrating its first birthday. I downloaded the app almost as soon as it came out. Now I look forward to creating presentations. Yes, I’m serious.

How I create presentations fast

With Haiku Deck, anyone can create a fantastic presentation in less than an hour.

I use sticky notes stuck onto an Oasis pad to create the presentation outline. One sticky per slide.

Then, sitting on my sofa, with the outline on a coffee table, I relax and create the presentation on my iPad. Best job ever. :-)

Does your boss demand PowerPoint?

That’s fine. You can export your wonderful presentations to PowerPoint when they’re done.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad