Do your own PR

When did you last send out a press release?

Yes, I thought so. :-)

Although you’ll get more results from a series of press releases that you will from paid advertising, many businesses have NEVER sent out a press release.

You’re missing out – not only on building your brand, but also on sales.

MarketingSherpa has a great piece on developing press releases:

MarketingSherpa: How to Do Your Own PR Campaign: 8 Steps & 3 Mistakes to Avoid:

“Eight Steps to Creating a PR campaign
Announcing the birth of your company or a new product or service to the world for the first time might seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. As with most things in life, the simpler it is, the better.

‘It shouldn’t be a big scary thing,’ Epstein says. ‘With some basic guidance … you can pretty much, for several months, take PR in-house and see some pretty good results.’”

Read it all, and don’t miss the “Three Pitfalls to avoid”.

It’s great advice.