Pinterest Traffic: Start Pinning

Pinterest Traffic: Start Pinning

Are you missing out on Pinterest traffic? Chances are that you are.  One of my clients was curious about a sudden flow of traffic from Pinterest, and called me. I’d been encouraging him to try Pinterest for at least a year, but he’d taken a look at the site, and had decided it wasn’t for him.

Then he got traffic from kind people who pinned his products, and he’s now decided that Pinterest should be part of his social media marketing endeavors.

Pinterest Traffic: Get images, and a Pinterest account

Here’s what I love about Pinterest: your pins are long-lasting. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, your pins don’t have a shelf-life which is measured in minutes. You can get traffic from stuff you pinned months ago.

If you’d like to get started with Pinterest, start by looking at the images on your offerings. If you don’t have images, create some.

This doesn’t need to be a major investment. One of my client has a B2B website offering services. He’d never considered images. We developed some templates with placeholder images  with the help of a designer. He can take photos himself, then drag them into the templates, save, and upload them in a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve created some images, get a Pinterest business account. Create a couple of boards for your business. Make one board business-related, and the other fun — Pinterest is a social media network. Some ideas:

Create Pinterest boards with specific questions your website’s visitors have, or around a specific theme. For example, if you have an online business selling accessories, create boards for each kind of accessory, and for your designers too. Check out what major brands are doing. Keep your boards light-hearted.

Give Pinterest a try. You may be surprised at how effective it can be as an additional source of traffic to your website.
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5 Easy 5-Minute Pinterest Marketing Tips (for New Pinners)

Pinterest marketing tips

New to Pinterest? Let’s look at five FAST marketing tips for new pinners. Each of these tips will take you less than five minutes to implement – the first tip takes just a minute.

If you’re wondering WHY Pinterest, the answer’s simple: easy, free marketing. Pinterest’s popular, particularly among women.

1. Get connected: connect your other social media accounts to your Pinterest profile

Open Settings, and go down the page to Social Networks. Click the buttons to the social media accounts you want to link. If you’re a Gmail user, you can link your Gmail account too.

2. Pin, and comment, pin and comment…

Pin your own stuff, and put the focus on others as well. Repin prolifically. When you repin, add a comment. You can also use mentions, as you do on Twitter, with “@whoever”.

A steady program of repinning and commenting will lift traffic to your own pins and boards.

Start conversations. If you repin someone’s pin, you can mention them on Twitter: tell them you’ve repinned.

3. It’s all about the images. Create your own

Please don’t stop when you’ve pinned every product image you have. You can create images too. Online image editor PicMonkey is easy to use, and free. (I used it to create the image at the top of this post.)

You can find lots of Creative Commons images on sites like MorgueFile which are free to use. Jazz them up with PicMonkey to create pin-worthy images and infographics.

4. Use URLs in the Description field

Add descriptions to your pins, and a URL too. Your URLs are clickable in the Description field. Check to see what others are doing with their descriptions. When you see something you could emulate, make a note of it.

5. Make it easy for others to pin you

Make it easy for your website’s visitors to pin your content. Add Pinterest social media buttons to your website and blog pages. If you’re using WordPress, Hongkiat has a list of ten great plugins for you to explore.
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Social Media Kickstart: Top Five Tips for Pinterest Marketing

One of my boards on Pinterest
One of my boards on Pinterest

Looking for new marketing opportunities? Consider Pinterest. This social media website is fast-growing, and addictive. It’s image-focused, so it’s perfect for advertising.

The site’s easy to use, so it won’t take long to get up to speed on how it works, and on how you can best use it for your business.

If you haven’t done so already, add Pinterest buttons and widgets to your own website, so that your customers can “pin” your images. Then, get acquainted with the site, and use it as part of your marketing strategy.

These five tips will help you to get the most from Pinterest.

1. Be Prolific: Create Boards for Your Products, and for Your Customers’ Interests

The Bark Around the Park
The Bark Around the Park

Check out what other companies are doing. Petplan Pet Insurance for example has 42 boards with cute images, and creative names, such as “The Bark Around the Park”, as you can see in the image above.

Bergdorf Goodman

Retailer Bergdorf Goodman has 39 boards which reflect the company’s image, and showcase must-haves for stylish women. One board, “History of the Chanel Little Black Jacket”, focuses on the making of Chanel’s iconic jacket. You can imagine customers whipping out their credit cards when they see the care and craftsmanship that goes into making such a jacket.

As you click through other companies’ boards, make notes of clever ideas you can use.

2. Get Social on the Site

Follow others, and pin others’ pins. Others will see your activity in their streams and notifications, and they’ll discover your boards and will follow you.

3. Get Chatty: Comment on Popular Pins (Because These Pins Are Seen More Often)

Pinterest’s “Popular” category consists of pins which are pinned most often, and commented on most often. When you comment on pins in this category, more users will see your comments. As with blog commenting, be sincere and specific in your comments. Say what you like about the pin and why, rather than simply “I like it.” Be careful not to over-do the commenting; don’t comment-spam.

4. Promote Your Pinterest Boards to Your Customers, and on Your Other Social Media Accounts

Let your customers know that you’re active on Pinterest, and encourage them to check out your boards, and interact with you. Contests are popular, so consider running one.

You can also find your friends on other social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. To do this, click on your business name on the home page. Choose Find Friends from the drop-down list.

5. Create a Pinterest Marketing Plan

As you create more boards and add pins to those boards, starting promoting individual boards, rather than your entire account.

Create a plan, focusing on one or two boards a week.

There you have it: five top tips to help you to market your small business on Pinterest.

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