Writing Journal 22: Tech Aggravations

Writing Journal 22: Tech Aggravations

My writing journal for Wednesday, September 3, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

My Internet connection died last night. I’ve had problems with this cable modem before. Now it won’t go online at all, and it’s only 12 months old. A tech won’t get here until tomorrow.

Luckily, I’ve got a WiFi hotspot. Unluckily, the SIM card in it is old, so I’ll need to go and get a new one today. In the meantime, dealing with hundreds of email messages on a phone is no fun at all. :-)

So, before I started to write this morning, I needed to rearrange my schedule. Clients expecting material won’t get it this morning. Any tasks for which I need to be online will have to wait, too.

I’ll focus on fiction and nonfiction, which mostly doesn’t need an Internet connection. Then I’ll run errands, and pick up a new SIM card on the way. All going well, we should be online again this afternoon.

Fiction and nonfiction: planning scenes

Fiction first. I needed to plan the next scenes for the novella, so I did that. I created several cluster diagrams, and outlined the scenes.

I created a new character too. This is a nuisance. Like short stories, novellas work best when you have a limited cast. I’ll need to weed out some of the “extras” in revision. My general rule of thumb is that if a character appears in only one or two scenes, he’s unlikely to be important, so you can weed him out.

I managed 2,000 words.

Next, breakfast for Honey, and email.

Fiddling with email on my phone takes forever. Thank heavens for Mailbox. All emails which need more than a sentence or two are postponed until this afternoon. I compose a couple of “sorry, we’re offline” messages for Julia to send to clients.

The nonfiction book is moving right along. I created several cluster diagrams and did some research yesterday for later chapters, so I can work on those. I manage 2,500 words which is excellent. At this rate, I’ll finish the book early.

Before closing the Scrivener file, I compiled the early chapters to PDF to send off to the client once we’re online again.

Breakfast. While munching my toast, I read over the rough drafts of the video scripts from yesterday.

It takes just a couple of timer sessions to get them ready to send to the clients for their review – once we get back online.

Even simple tasks are annoying when you have no Internet connection. I’ll need to pick up some dog food for Honey while I’m out. I keep my shopping lists in Notational Velocity, which syncs with SimpleNote on my devices. I opened Notational Velocity to add the dog food to my supermarket list, then remembered that there’s no sync.

Of course, Evernote isn’t syncing either, and I LIVE in Evernote. I need to call on a client this morning, so I check to make sure that the material is in Evernote on my phone. Otherwise I’d be messing around with USB drives.

More rearranging…

I can’t access my blog post drafts online, so I need shift those tasks to tomorrow. Unfortunately the “do tomorrow” list is growing rapidly. Luckily the posts which I needed to go out this week are already scheduled, so they’ll go out automatically.

With a timer session left before I need to leave this morning, I read over the short story. I schedule an edit for it next week, and get started on another one. I want to create an ebook of 25 Christmas short stories; mainly to experiment with emotion. Hey — Charles Dickens did very well with A Christmas Carol. :-)

Online again with the WiFi hotspot

Mid-afternoon, and I’m back online with a new SIM card in my Wifi hotspot. It’s a slower connection, but at least I can send out the emails with attachments from this morning. Synchronicity: I’d just set up the hotspot when I got a call from the Telstra technician to say they’d be out tomorrow afternoon.

The rest of my writing day was spent:

  • Responding to email;
  • Checking blogs, and writing draft posts;
  • Working on our new program, Leap into Copywriting.

I do a quick daily review, plus a word count, and the day is done. At least I have an Internet connection again. :-)

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Yet Another Online Word Processing App: Editorially

Looking for the perfect online word processing app? Me too. So far, we’ve looked at Gingko, and Quip.

Now I’m checking out Editorially, which I like for a couple of reasons: Markdown and exporting. Editorially exports your docs in both Markdown and HTML, in a zip archive. Another plus: the interface is beautiful. (More on Editorially soon.)


Online Sales Made Easy With Selz: It’s FAST

Sells Backend
The backend of Selz: sales simplicity

Does the thought of selling online make you jittery? From working with my writing students, I know that the idea of selling online can be intimidating.

However, it’s getting MUCH easier. I recently discovered Selz.

As I said in this post, Aussie Small Business: Buyer Payments Without Hassle:

“Selz — sell everywhere, sell from your blog or even from Facebook

You can sell both physical and downloadable products via Selz. Pricing is easy: it’s 5% plus 50 cents per transaction — no monthly fees.”

I just uploaded my first product, and it’s so simple you can do it in your sleep.

Once you’ve signed up, and have entered the details of where you want to be paid, you’re ready to sell. Selz pays buyers every two weeks. Australians are paid directly into their bank accounts, other sellers are paid via PayPal.

How to sell on Selz

1. Click the “+Sell an Item” button on your dashboard

2. Choose whether you want to sell a physical item, or a digital item

3. Add your item details

Add item details

As you can see in the image above, you can drag in a graphic for your product.

Then add the details.

If you’re selling a digital product, you get another screen so you can upload your item. Selz will accept most digital files, with a maximum size of four gigabytes. Most of your products will be way under four gigs.

4. Sell on your website, on social media, or on Facebook

Sell on Facebook

You can sell via Selz pretty much from everywhere. You can even set up your own Selz store on A Facebook page.

Here’s what a Selz Store looks like

I’ve just started using Selz; I love it. It’s easy, and FAST.

Here’s my store on Selz.

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