Writing Classes: Offerings Ending This Week

Writing Classes: Offerings Ending This Week

Readers complain they miss out on offerings for writing classes. So here you go: we have a couple of offerings ending this week.

Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans — prelaunch ends soon

Serial fiction is a hot trend. We mentioned serials in Story Power, but students wanted more. So, here you go — Serial Fiction Bonanza. We’ve had some lovely feedback, and have just added a PayPal option too, as we mentioned here.

Why serial fiction? The primary reason: writing serials helps your ebook sales.

What’s a serial? A serial is:

“a SERIAL is a long story. It’s a novel which is broken up into a part-work. It’s similar to a novel, but it’s written differently, so that each part (episode) has a climax — something that entices readers to read the next episode, and the next.”

The program’s prelaunch offering ends on July 24.

Team Up: it’s back, and it’s now a permanent offering

Team Up has long been our most popular coaching offering. I adore Team Up, and so do students.

Team Up solves your writing challenges. Perhaps you want to:

  • Make money from your writing
  • Increase your writing income and quit your day job
  • Get bigger clients: write for large companies
  • Focus on ebook creation and sales: build your sales on the Kindle, and on the Web
  • Write commercial fiction
  • Build a blog which is your business, and/ or get a stable of blogging clients
  • Start a copywriting business, and build a stable of clients

Whatever your writing goals, chances are that Team Up can help.

Our super-special Team Up intro offering ends on July 23.

Enjoy… :-)

Make more ebook sales of all your fiction, when you write a serial

Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans — Make A Solid Income From Your Fiction FAST

Fiction serials are platform-builders… consider writing at least one. Not only does a serial build your confidence, it also builds readers’ confidence in you. They’ll join your mailing list, and this has huge benefits for ebooks you’ve already published, and ebooks you’ll publish in future.

Write a serial with our new four-week class, Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans — Make A Solid Income From Your Fiction FAST.

, on Twitter: @angee, and find Angela on Pinterest, too.

How to profit from your writing: online store.

Online Writing Classes: Romance Writing Class Kicks Off

Online Writing Classes: Romance Writing Class Kicks Off

Online writing classes are fun. I started my writing career as romance novelist, way back in the dark ages, so our latest class helps you to write and self-publish Kindle romances.

If you knew me, you’d laugh at that notion of me as a romance writer.  I’m not a stereotypical romance novelist in the “hearts and flowers” sense. I comfort myself that Melvin Udall wasn’t stereotypical either. Few romance writers are as you’d imagine them to be.

Over the past couple of years, student authors have been asking me to create a romance writing class, so I have. I’m enjoying it hugely. The class is called Hot, Hotter, Hottest; a nod and a wink to what we’ll be covering; romance at various degrees of heat, from mild to smoking – sweet romance, to erotica.

Hot, Hotter, Hottest: Write Bestselling Kindle Romances

My personal coaching students in romance mostly write erotica. The huge success of Fifty Shades of Grey inspired them; I have no preference. I write whatever I’m inspired to write. Sometimes that’s sweet romance, and sometimes it’s steamy.

Writing Romance, Over Four Weeks and Six Months

Hot, Hotter, Hottest: Write Bestselling Kindle Romances is a four-week class. After the four weeks, students receive six months of Kindle Romance Writer Weekly, which continues the class, in a sense. We’ll all be writing together, which will help students to get beta readers, and to get honest reviews for their ebooks.

I’ll be writing with you. You’ll see my process, and since I do hours of research each week, I’ll be saving you time in doing your own research. It’s all experiential – you receive exercises with each lesson, and you send those to me. Your exercises build into a romance, which you’ll publish on Amazon.

Join us, if you’d like to write, and self-publish…. :-)

, and on Twitter: @angee.

You can find Angela on Pinterest, too.