Want to Move Your Free Blog to WordPress?

Moving your blog

I’ve been helping several clients to move their blogs, from free sites at Tumblr, Posterous and Blogger, to their own installation of WordPress.

Hosted blogs on free sites like WordPress.com, Tumblr and Blogger are fine when you’re new to blogging. However, WordPress on your own site gives you many more options. There are thousands of plugins. You can turn your WordPress blog into a membership site, or an online store, very easily.

Moving your free blog to WordPress is a simple process — you can do it yourself.

These links will help.

* How to Properly Move Your Blog From Tumblr to WordPress

This article gives you a comprehensive, step by step tutorial. Reading it will take longer than doing it.

Basically, you just go to the Tools section of your WordPress Dashboard, click the Import button, and go on from there.

Redirect your posts from Tumblr once you’ve imported.

When you’re done, create a final post on Tumblr, pointing to your new blog.

* The Easiest Way to Transfer from Blogger to WordPress (and keep your readers, links and rankings!)

Another comprehensive tutorial, and again, it’s easier than it looks when you first read it.

Just follow along. Then write a final post, letting your site’s visitors know that your blog has moved.

* Moving a Posterous Blog to WordPress

Posterous is closing shortly, so if you have a Posterous blog, it’s time to MOVE! Luckily, the process is easy. I’ve done it for a couple of my own blogs. This tutorial shows you how.

All moved in: install a SEO plugin

Once you’re moved in, let the fun begin. :-)

Although you can add a page title, description and tags to your posts without installing a plugin, I always install All-In-One SEO Pack, because it has additional useful features.

Alternatively, consider the Yoast SEO plugin; here’s a great SEO tutorial from Yoast. I’ve installed this plugin on several client blogs, and it performs brilliantly.

See? Moving your blog is easy. You can’t break anything. Before you know it, you’ll be all set on your very own WordPress blog. Happy blogging. :-)

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