Marketing Strategies For 2014: Tearless and Fearless (4 Tips)


Wondering about your marketing strategies for 2014? Many small businesses earnestly create marketing plans, but our strategies last as long as New Year’s resolutions.

Invariably, Murphy’s Law applies. We want to try the latest big new thing (content marketing, perhaps) but whatever we try turns out to be more complicated than we expect. Or it needs more resources that we have. So we pull back and focus whatever’s familiar, even if it’s expensive, and no longer works as well as it once did.

Let’s look at four tearless and fearless marketing strategies. Tearless because they’re free. They just take time. Fearless because they’re easy.

1. Do more of whatever worked for you in 2013.

What worked for you in 2013? If you’ve got an ad that’s been running in your local paper for three years, keep it up. Your customers are used to your ad. They expect to see you there. However, consider experimenting a little. Could you run special offerings for new customers?

If you’re using Twitter to manage customer service, keep doing that. Consider creating a Twitter-specific page on your website to welcome new customers, and tell them who you are.

2. Get found online: blog.

Does your business need a blog? Probably, if only because it will:

Improve search engine rankings – The more content you produce, the more likely you will be found by your prospects when they are researching your industry online. As long as you have a content marketing strategy in place, optimizing for specific long-tail keywords, you should see a significant increase in search engines rankings.

Here’s the easiest and laziest way to answer the “blog or not?” question. Check your competitors’ websites. If they’re blogging, your customers will expect you to do the same.

If you hate writing, post images of your products, your customers, or your town. Blog whatever YOU like. Treat your blog and your Twitter account as your customer service department: help your customers, and your prospective customers, and you can’t go wrong.

3. Forget about the “shares.” Think: “conversions”.

If you’re using social media marketing, Search Engine Journal offered this advice in content marketing trends for 2014:

The main thing that we expect to see in the New Year is for marketers to shy away from the cheap, clickbait content that inflates “vanity metrics,” and move more towards creating niche-specific, high quality content that provides value to their followers.

When you provide valuable content, your visitors will stay on your website longer. This gives you more opportunities for conversions (sales.)

4. The Web means Google and that means Google+.

If you’ve ignored Google+, revisit the network.

As Brett Nuckles suggests:

Getting on Google+ will help Google’s Web crawlers index your site, leading to higher placement during a Web search. It will also ensure that customers get the right information when they search for your business on Google.

2013 has been a big year on Google+; the network is becoming more useful by the month. Google’s sinking money into it. Studies suggest that Google+ has over 500 million users, and that almost 70 per cent of marketers want to learn more about the network.

What marketing strategies are you thinking about for 2014? For me, the mix is much as before. I’ll be blogging, and will remain active on social media. Wherever you are in the world, I wish you much success in 2014. :-)

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ContentBee – get the quality Web content you need


Why is it so hard to get quality Web content? If you’ve purchased Web articles, ezines and blog articles, you may well have been disappointed at the quality, not to mention the time it took you to receive the content.

Quality Web content takes time and experience to write, to edit, and to deliver on time, and to specification.

ContentBee is your source for top quality, edited content

I’m a copywriter. Nothing drives me crazier than incompetent writing which doesn’t get results.

Therefore I created ContentBee to match my hard-working Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) students with clients who want great content, delivered on time and on budget.

When you purchase from ContentBee, you’ll know that every word has been written by a trained Web writer, and has been carefully edited (by me, Angela Booth), so that the content will perform for you.

As each day passes, ranking on the Web and making sales becomes more difficult, but with ContentBee, it just became a whole lot easier.

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Article Marketing – How many Articles do You Need to Make Sales?

Article marketing is a fantastic low-cost way to get advertising for your business. Savvy online marketers have been long using this tool, and in the past couple of years it’s become very popular. But how many articles do you need make sales?

All your articles have two functions: to educate, and to pre-sell. In some industries, education takes priority. Your customers may be completely unaware of the value of a service, or a product – indeed, they may be new to your field.

So education is vital. There’s a danger here, however, and it’s this. Your articles may perform brilliantly in their educational role, and once your prospect has time to think, he may turn elsewhere to make a purchase.

Therefore it’s vital that you have some way of staying in touch with your prospects, so that they remain aware of you, and you get the sale. Getting an email address and/ or other contact details is vital. When you stay in touch, you’ll be the one a prospect turns to when he’s ready to buy.

This means that a prime function of your articles, whether you have two or hundreds, should be encourage the prospect to give you his contact details.

Your articles will pre-sell too; they act as your 24x7x365 sales people, and the more articles you have, the more sales people you have working for you.

Let’s look at three ways you can get your articles working for you.

1. Investigate keywords

Your articles act as gateways to your site’s sales pages. Therefore you need to write articles targeting the primary keywords your customers will type into the search engines’ query boxes to find you.

In competitive industries, the competition for the first ten slots on the search engines’ results pages is fierce. Articles will help you to achieve a spot in those top ten slots because of their authoritative nature: they’re both informative and educational.

So investigate your referrer logs. Which keywords are winning traffic for you now? Write articles targeting those keywords. These are likely to be “long tail” keywords, which means that they’re less competitive.

2. Write articles for those keywords which get traffic

In addition to targeting long tail keywords, target your industry’s most competitive keywords directly. With a number of articles, all targeting those keywords, over time you’ll get rankings for them, it’s inevitable. However, because these keywords are competitive, realize that ranking for them will take longer.

Here’s an additional weapon you can use. Once you’ve written an article and posted it to your site, write a press release announcing the article. A press release will get you onto the Web’s news pages, and will provide healthy backlinks which will give your article a real boost in the search engines.

3. Keep track of your articles, and link to them from other pages on your Web site

Although articles are valuable, you can make them even more valuable by making them a real feature of your site. Link to your articles from other pages. I’ve seen many sites where articles are relegated to an “Articles” ghetto: they’re cut off from the rest of the site. Please don’t do this – your articles are gold. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

The answer to “How many articles do you need to make sales?” is another question: “How many sales do you want?” The more articles you have online, the more sales you will make. In that sense, article marketing is just like advertising – but unlike advertising, your articles will keep working faithfully for you for many years, providing an outstanding return on your initial investment.

Articles are easy, inexpensive and on-going advertising for your business. Top copywriter Angela Booth has been using article marketing to promote her copywriting business for years.

Get the articles you need to promote your business today. Angela offers a complete article marketing service. Get quality articles written by a top copywriter.

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Article Marketing – Use the Power to Get More Traffic

Each day, millions of new Web pages are created, and the Web becomes more competitive. It’s a battlefield for traffic, because the traffic in any area is limited by the number of searches each day. This is the dirty little secret that the “guaranteed traffic to your Web site” folks won’t tell you.

But what if there was a powerful way you were guaranteed traffic – free traffic?

There is, with article marketing. Basically article marketing means writing articles which perform as advertising, bringing visitors to your site. Article marketing is powerful, and has major benefits over standard advertising.

The benefits include: it’s free, so it sends you traffic forever without you having to pay for it, it raises your credibility, and it builds trust.

I’m sure you know that to get traffic, you send your articles to article directories. But there are other ways you can use your articles’ power.

Let’s look at four additional ways you can use the power of article marketing to get more traffic to your site and make more sales.

1. Post the articles to your own site – increase your presence in the search engines

Before you send articles to article directories, post them on your own site. Each additional page on your site increases your footprint in the search engines, and over time, the articles will provide gateways for more and more traffic to find you.

When you post the articles, don’t just dump them into an “Articles” directory on your site. Integrate your articles with the rest of your content, particularly with your sales pages.

2. Send the articles to subscribers to your ezine

If you don’t already send out regular email to people who’ve opted in to receive messages from you, create an ezine today. For the small amount of effort it takes to mail out an ezine, you’ll get additional traffic.

Creating an ezine ensures that the traffic you attract to your site returns, rather than visiting once, and being forever lost to you.

3. Offer the articles to bloggers in your niche

Whatever your industry, bloggers are covering it, and all bloggers need material for their blogs. Send your articles to bloggers in your niche. If they publish articles, you’ve just gained an additional flow of traffic.

4. Turn a collection of articles into a free report

Over time, your articles will mount up. Now it’s time to get more value from them. Bundle up a collection of articles into a report, and offer them as an inducement to get subscribers to your ezine.

People keep such reports for years, and you’ll get more traffic to your site.

You can also offer your reports to bloggers, to give to their subscribers.

Make your Articles Traffic-worthy for Even More Powerful Results

As you can see, articles are the gift which keeps on giving.

For even more powerful results, ensure that your articles are of high quality. When you post your articles to the article directories, high quality articles will be picked up by other sites to share with their site visitors – this can result in an enormous boost in traffic for you.

Therefore, spend time crafting worthwhile articles, or have them professionally written for you. The money you spend will give you a much better return on investment than advertising, because the effect of articles is much longer lasting.

Articles are easy, inexpensive and on-going advertising for your business. Top copywriter Angela Booth has been using article marketing to promote her copywriting business for years.

Get the articles you need to promote your business today. Angela offers a complete article marketing service. Get quality articles written by a top copywriter.

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