Landing pages make sales

Did you know that most people who visit one of your site’s pages will click away within two or three seconds?

Web surfers are IMPATIENT. They want what they want, and they want it right now, otherwise they go elsewhere.

Six Mistakes B2B Marketers Continue to Make With Organic Search reports:

“I’m surprised how often even large B2B companies fail to have organic landing pages on their website related to key revenue streams (e.g., product or service lines). It’s usually not that they forgot key segments of their business, but rather that they failed to get specific enough. For instance, a leasing company promotes leasing of office equipment but fails to have a page focused on copier leasing. One of the reasons for this may be that many B2B marketers have often taken a minimalist approach to site architecture, incorporating only that which is necessary to establish initial credibility.”

It’s vital that you think in terms of what your site’s visitors want, and then create landing pages specifically targeted to those needs. It’s not enough to send everyone to your home page. Very, very few visitors will search your site – they want what they want – immediately.

Create landing pages – you’ll be amazed at the increase in sales.

DIY Copywriting – the Secret to Business Success

Copywriting has been called the secret of business success, and it’s no exaggeration. Expert copywriting can double and triple your profits within a year.

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