SEO: the BIG keywords secret

Want floods of targeted organic traffic?

No one says no to that: there’s nothing like a few thousand free visits to one of your site’s pages every day to put a smile on your face. Depending on how competitive your keywords are, those visitors could be saving you tens of thousands of dollars every week.

But… there’s always a “but”, isn’t there?

While search engine optimization (SEO), when it’s done well, is super-effective and is easily a great investment, it’s also a challenge, whether you do it yourself, or hire it done.

It takes time, and energy, and money.

A perennial question for newbies to SEO is “how many keywords per page?”

How many search keywords can I target per page? – Search Engine Guide Blog suggests that the answer is ONE:

“Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘This means I will have to create a LOT of landing pages.’ Bingo. “

I prefer to target one major keyword per page too.

Here’s why — each keyword targets a specific audience.

For example, in my own field, think about these words: “copywriter” and “copywriting”.

Just think for a moment about the person who types “copywriter” into a search engine, and someone who types “copywriting”.

The “copywriter” person may be thinking of hiring a copywriter, while the “copywriting” person is probably looking for information.

So the real question isn’t “how many keywords per page?”… it’s “who’s the page aimed at?”?

Here’s the big keyword secret… When you target your pages correctly, you’re on the right track. Your pages will be relevant, and they’ll convert for you.

Then you won’t even bother asking: “how many keywords per page?” :-)

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Essential keywords: do your own digging

MarketingSherpa: Special Report: Online Keyword Research Guide: 5 Tips & 9 Useful Tools notes that:

“A solid keyword list is the foundation of a successful search-marketing strategy. Marketers must continually work to find relevant search terms and understand the volume of traffic they provide — as well as the number of competitors using the same phrases — to shape their SEO and pay-per-click strategies.”

The article gives you a list of popular keyword tools. However, it’s also essential that you do your own digging through your referrer logs to find those keywords which convert for you.

Better a little traffic with great conversions than a flood of traffic with no conversions.

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Keyword analysis – what’s bringing readers to your site or blog?


I’m a huge fan of doing frequent keyword analysis on your sites. In the clip above, you can see searches performed on my Fab Freelance Writing site, and the site’s blog.

MarketingSherpa: SherpaBlog: 5 Ways to Improve Blog Results Today: How to Engage & Delight Your Blog’s Visitors reports:

“You should be tracking basic blog stats by using free analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, or by tying your blog into your main site’s analytics software. While it’s fine to see how many visitors you get, the most useful report is actually the keyword analysis report.”

Once you see which primary keywords you’re already attracting visitors for, you can write more blog posts targeting those keywords.

Occasionally, you’ll be surprised at which keywords are getting attention – as Anne Holland notes in her article, you’ll use a word or phrase in all innocence and will start ranking for that keyword, which has nothing to do with your target audience. This has happened to me too, and I won’t mention which keyword it was. :-)

Start investigating your keywords today.

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