3 Million iPads Mean Business

Apple iPad

It’s enough to make your head spin. Apple’s sold 3 million of the New iPad since its launch last Friday. So, three million of the glamorous gizmos over a long weekend.

Sounds like a new slogan for Apple — three million in three days.

Apple has sold 3 million of its new iPad since launch | Reuters reports:

“Apple Inc has sold 3 million units of the new iPad since sales began on Friday, setting a first-weekend record for the iPad, which for the first time came with 4G capability.”

And yes, if you’re wondering, I bought one. I woke up at 5 AM on the day of Tim Cook’s keynote and ordered one as soon as the Apple Store updated. There were plenty like me; I had to try three times to get the order done, the site kept hanging…

Obviously the iPad’s hot, as is the Kindle. It will be interesting to see when tablet computer sales outpace computer sales. Yes, WHEN, rather than IF.

What does this mean for businesses?

Off the top of my head…

* More online shopping and sales.

iPads and tablets are personal. They’re entertainment machines. Shopping is entertainment. The gorgeous new displays will encourage catalogue marketers to create apps for their catalogues, because their goods will look as good as they do in print.

If you have an online store, check your website logs to see how many tablet owners are visiting your store. Take tablet browsers into account when you’re updating your store pages.

* More online reading.

Now’s the time to take content marketing seriously.

Content sells. By the way, you may want to download the new ebook from Google, ZMOT — Zero Moment of Truth. Fascinating.

* More media marketing opportunities.

It’s time to take video marketing seriously. Put some color and movement into your marketing.

Notice that Apple uses video when introducing new products. If you’re not using video, you should be. (You can ask me to create some concepts and scripts for you, anytime.)

* It’s time to take social media seriously.

Remember the ZMOT. You have to be there at the Zero Moment of Truth — when the buyer is ready to buy.

What a fascinating two years it’s been, since the launch of the original iPad.

Remember to factor tablet owners into your marketing plans.

Apple’s Wonderful Copywriters: iPad Smart Cover

Apple's copywriters

Apple has wonderful copywriters. Check out the headline above: Apple Smart Cover. One great idea on top of another.

I could weep with sheer envy…

But wait, there’s more Apple — Smart Cover — Cover up, stand up and brighten up iPad.:

Great looks. And even better moves.

iPad is thin, sleek and flat-out amazing. So why hide it in a bulky case? The slim yet sturdy Smart Cover protects your iPad screen without covering up its durable aluminium back. So your iPad still looks and feels like an iPad — just with a little extra protection. “

Beautiful, just beautiful. The line “One great idea on top of another” resonates.

Kudos to you, Apple copywriters. That page is masterful. Totally inspirational to all copywriters everywhere.

Magazine Advertising: Magazines Reaching New Audience Via iPad

It appears that magazine publishers are reaching a new audience via tablet computers.

Here’s an interesting article, Popular Science iPad Subscribers are 95% New Readers | MediaWorks – Advertising Age, which reports :

“We are excited to report that we’re getting a totally new audience in our tablet editions. At Popular Science the data has proven that 2.1% of the email addresses that we have for our iPad subscribers match active print subscribers while 2.7% match expired print subscribers. So that says to us that something on the order of 95% of the iPad subscribers are new to subscribing to Popular Science.”

As other magazines prepare digital editions, it opens up new vistas for advertisers.

I’m sure magazines will be hustling to get the demographics. Even if you’ve never considered magazine advertising, this is definitely an area to watch. Everything depends on how responsive those new subscribers are, of course.

Information Marketing: Free Advertising for Your Business

Articles provide free advertising

Want free advertising for your business? Articles are the answer. Unlike paid advertising, articles will keep on selling for you for years.

While informing and entertaining site visitors, you can encourage them to buy.

Contact Angela for more information on marketing your business via articles.