Tablet Computers: How Do You Use Your Tablet?


CNET’s running a poll, How do you use your tablet?. We’ve fallen in love with our tablets:

“Fast-forward three years. Now we all know exactly what tablets are good for and what they’re not. We buy different sizes to accommodate different needs and purposes. Heck, some of us are already moving on to our second or even third tablet.”

I mainly use my iPad for reading. I read for hours on my iPad every day, and although I wouldn’t have thought such a thing possible, I prefer it to print. Reading a real book’s uncomfortable for me now. I need to hunt around for paper to make notes, and if I want to look something up I need to reach for the tablet anyway.

Currently I’m on a Georgette Heyer kick, so on the weekend, I reread The Talisman Ring for the first time in years. In that book, there are snippets of French. My high school French wasn’t up to the task of translating
ventre à terre, so I looked it up.

That’s the benefit of reading on a tablet; you get instant results when you need to know something now.

iPad for writers

The biggest benefit for me as a writer however, is that I don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with me to client meetings.

My portfolio lives on my iPad. I can instantly give a presentation. I can hand clients an electronic brochure at the end of the meeting, along with any material which might be useful to them.

Of course, I can write and research anywhere. I take the iPad to the library, to work on books. I take it to a coffee shop to brainstorm blog posts and client projects.

When I bought my first iPad, I wasn’t sure how I’d use it. Over time, I spend more time with my iPad than I do with my production machine.

So, go take the CNET poll. Tell the good people there how you use your tablet computer. I’ll bet you use it more than you thought you would, before it entered your life.