Article Writing – How to Build Your Client List by Writing Free Articles

Whatever your business, marketing is essential. Want to attract a constant stream of clients so that you’re booked solid for months ahead? Discover how you can save money and time with your marketing by writing free articles.

Article writing is essentially advertising your services. Did you know that in many cases article writing can double and triple your profits?

Article writing can build your client list and profits in many ways. Here are three:

1. Articles add content to your site: you attract prospects

All websites need content, because the more content you have the more visitors will arrive at your site via the search engines. Article writing increases the content on your site, increasing the opportunities for clients to find you as they conduct searches online.

If you post some of your articles to article directories, even more people arrive at your site, just by following the links in your articles.

Although article writing takes time, it’s much more cost-efficient than advertising, because when you stop paying your advertising stops sending you traffic. Articles stay online, and keep sending you traffic year after year, for free.

2. A mailing list keeps you top of mind with prospects

Once prospects arrive at your site – keep them! Create a mailing list, so you can keep in touch.

Offer a free a report or a white paper so that you can collect e-mail addresses. Most potential clients won’t need your services immediately, so keeping in touch with them via a newsletter means that they remain aware of your services.

A prospect may be on your mailing list for several years before he contacts you, and becomes a steady client.

3. Articles and search engine visibility and build your credibility, leading to more sales

Whatever your industry, you have competition. You need a way for prospects to get to know you. Article writing does that.

Articles mean that your prospective clients get to know who you are, and the way you think. You may find that they recommend you and your services to others, without even having used your services themselves.

If you haven’t yet discovered the power of article writing, write some articles – or hire someone to write them. You will be amazed at the increase in traffic to your site, and the increase in your profits.

DIY Copywriting – the Secret to Business Success

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Article Marketing – Three Tips to Using Articles to Promote Your Online Business

If you’ve started an online business, you know that you need to promote consistently to get traffic and sales. Although there are many ways you can promote, article marketing delivers great, on-going results at minimal cost. In this article we’ll look at the top three tips for using articles to market your business.

Here they are:

1. Post articles on article directories

Not familiar with article marketing? Marketing using articles means offering free information as a form of advertising. Not only will your business become more widely known, it will also gain respect and credibility.

Article marketing is a form of advertising, but it’s much more effective than advertising, because when you stop paying for an ad, you lose traffic. Your articles stay online, and will bring traffic to your Web site for years.

Once you’ve written an article, post it to article directories online. You can choose a general directory, or one which is more targeted to your audience.

Over time, your articles will spread across the Web, bringing a flow of traffic. You won’t see the full effects of your article publishing push for months, so it’s important that when you start article marketing, you keep creating and publishing them – their effect on your site’s traffic is cumulative.

2. Post articles to your own Web sites and blogs

In addition to posting articles on article directories, post them to your site as well. This increases your site’s content, and will boost your site in the search engine rankings.

Before you start publishing your articles to your site, create a structure, so that your articles form a real resource for your site’s visitors. Although you’ll still get traffic if you just dump all your articles into an “Articles” directory, you’ll get better results if you think about leading your site’s visitors around your site to make a purchase or take other action when they arrive at one of your articles.

After you’ve published an article on your site, don’t move it elsewhere on your site unless it’s absolutely necessary, because if you do, you’ll break links which other sites have created to reference specific articles.

3. Post article collections to sites like Squidoo and Scribd

The more backlinks (links pointing to your site) the better. There are many ways you can get more backlinks. One of the easiest ways is to post your articles on sites like Squidoo and Scribd.

Squidoo allows you to create “lenses”, one-page topic sites. Create several lenses on topics relevant to your site, and post article collections to these lenses, pointing back to your site. Not only are your lenses a source of backlinks, they’re also a source of traffic.

Squidoo is very popular; you can build a real community there, providing further support to your site.

The Scribd site lets you put documents online, and make them public. Think of Scribd as YouTube for documents. Collect your articles into collections, and post them to Scribd. You can post your articles in a variety of formats: text, HTML, Adobe PDF, and more.

As with Squidoo, you can build a community at Scribd when people make your documents favorites. Scribd will bring your site traffic, and will increase your backlinks too.

So there you are – you now have three powerful ways in which you can use article marketing to promote your online business.

Article Marketing: Why Articles are Your Most Valuable Promotional Tool

On the Web, links are currency. The more links you have to your site, the more traffic you will get. Article marketing gives you a time-tested way to develop good links, and to increase the traffic to your site.

Article marketing has other benefits too: it reveals your expertise in your area, and over time, brands you as an authority. This builds the credibility of your site and your offerings.

So you can use article marketing in two ways: to develop links to your site, and to increase your credibility online.

But first, let’s establish what “article marketing” is. Article marketing is essentially a form of advertising – a site owner writes short articles related to their business as a form of promotion.

Links are vital online, and article marketing helps you to get links

Let’s say you and your competitor have two similar sites, with roughly the same number of pages, and good content throughout each of your sites. However, your competitor always shows up in the first ten results on the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs) for your primary keywords.

What’s happening here?

Invariably, your competitor’s site has more backlinks – more links which point to his site. The search engines, especially Google, take the number of backlinks into account when deciding which site has more authority, and the most authoritative sites are always returned first in the search engines’ query results.

Is your site credible?

When someone finds your site, at the back of his mind is a single question: “How credible is this site?”

Credibility and trust are vital issues online, especially if you’re selling from your site. Your site’s visitors must know that they can trust you.

Article marketing helps to establish trust. Write articles in your field, promote the articles on article directories, and you will become an authority in your field, if those articles are useful.

So if you’re considering article marketing as a form of promotion, don’t hesitate. It gives you a lot of bang for a small amount of time invested.

When you consider that your articles will work for you year after year, and compare this with the ephemeral nature of advertising, article marketing is a great investment of your time and energy.

If you find writing easy, you can write for money…

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