Content Marketing: A Brilliant Example


Frustrated with your content marketing efforts? Get inspired, with this brilliant example of content marketing.

David Meerman Scott interviewed Larry Waight of The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Web Ink Now: How to create awesome web content and achieve top search engine rankings:

Solving buyers problem with content

Most interesting to me is how Larry creates content that is about Belize, not just about the hotel.

This is an essential element of Chaa Creek’s marketing success. Search terms such as Belize winter solstice 2012 and bird watching in Belize drive people to the lodge who were searching on general travel information. Brilliant.”

While you may not have a glamorous destination to promote in your content marketing efforts, you can promote anything by thinking creatively.

I know that I allow myself to get into a rut when creating content for my own sites. After a while, how much more can you say about freelance writing, for example?

Larry Waight’s shown me that I’m just being lazy. I’m determined to do better. And I love The Lodge at Chaa Creek! I’ve never thought of Belize as a vacation destination, but I’m thinking of it now.

Larry’s created an amazing site and blog; he’s an inspiration.