Blogging Short: Itty Bitty Blog Posts Anyone Can Create


Who’s got enough blog content? No one, that’s who. I’ve shared my big content time-saving trick – plan your content on Sundays. If you don’t want to plan on Sundays, do it anytime you like, but don’t do it in your office. You need time, and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. I hike myself and my iPad to our local park, or on cold days I snuggle up on the sofa to plan.

My big secret for the Sunday planning sessions is creating draft posts using the Drafts Dropdown plugin on my WordPress blogs.

On most blogs, I’ve got at least ten draft posts, so I know that on my worst day, I can create content.

Here’s my second big blog content secret: SHORT posts. Little itty bitty posts… You may find as I do that these little posts get more attention than long screeds.

Here are some ideas for itty bitty content you can create FAST.

Instant content: embed tweets

I save all my tweets to Google Docs using an ITTT recipe. Just activate Twitter and Google Docs in your If This, Then That account, and your tweets will all be saved for you.

Tweets saved in Google Docs
Tweets saved in Google Docs

I can click on an individual tweet, and embed it in any blog post.

Here’s one:

Facebook and Google+ allow you to embed content too – these embeds create short, fast, blog posts.

Create a tips list (just the list – expand later)

Create a list of tips about anything at all. Don’t bother expanding on the tips, you can expand on them later. If you have a blog post with ten tips, each of those tips can expand into a brand new article.

Create a roundup of posts from your own, or others’ blogs

Roundup posts are short and simple to create.

Some bloggers create roundup tweets, and roundup Google+ posts. Bring your older content to reader’s attention.

In similar vein, update older content with a fresh tip, insight, or with the latest news on the topic.

Post photos: quote images are HOT

We’ve talked about quote images:

Love them or hate them, quote images are everywhere. Here’s why. They work. They get Likes and attention. There are another reasons too — they stand out, and they’re FAST and EASY to create.

Create a poll

Do a Google search for “create a poll”, and you’ll come up with many sites which create free polls for you.

I use Polldaddy, because it has a WordPress plugin. Whatever blogging service you’re using, Polldaddy has embed codes, so you can add a poll to any blog post with copy and paste.

Other options for itty bitty content

There are many other options for short content. Create a post, and insert: a link, a YouTube video, an aside (short comment), a status update, a quote, a chat…

Blogging needn’t be a chore – it can be fun. Have a planning session once a week, and use itty bitty posts. :-)
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