Writing Journal 68: Manage Your Social Media Images

Writing Journal 68: Manage Your Social Media Images

My writing journal for Sunday October 19, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

It’s Sunday, a short writing day for me. The mystery novel is still chugging along like the little engine that could. I managed 2,500 words. A lot of first-draft junk content, but some good. (Even if I say so myself.)

Then on to nonfiction; just 1,200 words, but that’s OK.

Honey’s breakfast, and then my own. I eat my toast while responding to students’ exercises.

Which reminds me: today is the final day of the special offering on 8-Hour Wins; check it out before the offering ends.

8-Hour Wins: Create and Sell Products in Just 8 HoursThe 2015 version of the Easy-Write Process went live today, too.

Mac OS X Yosemite is powering along. Only one minor hiccup. Dropbox wouldn’t load until I installed a new version. I’m sure that’s my fault. It doesn’t have an in-app notification for new versions, so I forget to update.

One thing I’ve noticed with Yosemite; it’s speedier. Very nice. I’d still recommend waiting before you upgrade; that’s the sensible thing to do.

No time to walk this morning. Today’s my big blogging day, so I spend the rest of the morning organizing blog content and social media postings.

Manage Your Social Media Images

I’m always looking for ways to improve my workflow, especially with social media. Denise Wakeman posted about MavSocial. It’s a social media management tool specifically for images.

To manage images, I use Creative Cloud, but even with Adobe Bridge to help, I still get into a tangle. I’ve got text content, images for dozens of social media campaigns, promotional materials and heaven knows what else. Keeping it all straight is not only frustrating, it’s next to impossible.

Currently I use spreadsheets, Curio and OmniOutliner to keep things going, but it’s still migraine-inducing.

So I tried MavSocial out immediately. Within a few minutes, I’d uploaded some images, edited one, posted a tweet, and scheduled another one. Very impressive. Usually it takes forever to figure out a new tool, but MavSocial is well laid out. I like the idea of creating campaigns, and checking the results in one dashboard.

I’ll spend more time reviewing it, but at first glance, it’s well worth incorporating into my workflow.

A couple of days ago, I mentioned Canva for iPad. I installed it last night. If you’re familiar with the Web app, you’ll be creating with the iPad app soon as you install it. You can even access all the images you’ve created on Web Canva from the app.

Time for my Sunday commitments.

Sunday blogging

I’m back, and it’s more Sunday blogging. I like to do as much preparation as I can on Sunday, so that the week’s blogging flows smoothly.

By the time I’ve brainstormed and researched posts, and have created draft posts for each blog, it’s time for my general weekly plan and review session.

With that done, everything’s ready for another week.

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Online Image Editing Gets Gorgeous: Canva Now Has Filters

Canva filters
Canva now has filters

It’s no secret that I adore Canva. This online image editing app allows anyone to edit images and create designs: no design talent necessary. The program’s very easy to use, and you can create images for both the Web and for print.

Canva’s just been updated with filters:

Whether you are looking for a stunning photo filter, wanting to get a little more advanced or create your own branded filter — we hope our new photo filters cater to your needs.

Sick of Stock Image Libraries? You Can Buy Just What You Need in Canva

Stock image websites can be expensive. The least expensive way of sourcing images is to buy a subscription. Inevitably, with subscriptions you end up with lots of images for which you have no real use; they clutter up your hard drive.

Canva solves that problem. You buy just what you need – or buy nothing. Many of Canva’s design elements are completely free. If you buy an element: an image, or a graphic for your design, each one costs you just a dollar. Canva has over a million images, and lots of fonts, so you can create just about anything. BTW, I should emphasize that I have no ulterior motive in telling you about Canva, I just enjoy the program.

Here’s what I love most about Canva: it has inspiration built into it. You can search to find design grids and elements to spark your inspiration.

Want a Canva Invitation?

Canva’s still in beta; I have several invitations to give away. If you’d like one, contact me.

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