Email Management App: Boomerang for Gmail

Email Management App: Boomerang for Gmail

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your email, you’re not alone. While there are many email management apps, it’s hard to find an app which works the way you do. If you’re a Gmail user, and need a straightforward app that’s both a scheduler, and reminder, Boomerang for Gmail is worth checking out.

Boomerang for Gmail Works in Your Browser

The app’s easy to install. It works in Gmail in your browser (Firefox, Chrome and Safari), and Google Apps email. It’s unobtrusive, until you need it; you’ll see a small icon when you open Gmail.


Click on the icon, and the menu opens.

When you’re writing a message, Boomerang for Gmail installs options under the Send button.


Click the Send Later button, and you can choose a time and date to send your message. If you want to follow up a message, click the dropdown boxes, to choose a date and time to follow up. You can customize the follow-up menu to suit your workflow.

It’s easy to review your scheduled messages and follow ups. Click the Boomerang for Gmail icon, and choose Manage Scheduled Messages.


You can even add notes to messages. Let’s say you’re looking through your archived messages, and realize that you need to ask one of your contacts a question, but don’t have time now. Open the message, click the Boomerang for Gmail icon, and write a note to yourself. (The Note icon is on the top right of the menu.) Write the note, and choose the time you want the message returned to your Inbox.

Save Time, and Clear the Clutter

Do you use your email Inbox as a To Do list? It’s tempting, but distracting. The biggest benefit I’ve found with the app is that it saves time, and clears my cluttered Inbox.

Instead of adding a reminder to follow up with someone to your time management app, just schedule a reminder in Boomerang for Gmail, and the message politely returns to your Inbox.

3 Boomerang for Gmail Time Management Tips

Boomerang for Gmail has helped me to feel more in control of my email, and has also helped to ensure that fewer things drop through the cracks. The app’s also helped me to save time.

Here’s what I’ve found useful.

1. Schedule Email, and Batch-Write Your Messages

You check your email several times a day, but you don’t have time to respond immediately. Have Boomerang for Gmail return messages to your Inbox at the time you’ve scheduled to respond.

Schedule time each day for email, and batch-write your responses. Then close your email program. If you know you’ll need to send out messages next week, write the messages on Friday, and let Boomerang for Gmail send them out on schedule.

2. Create a Follow Up Workflow

If you have clients with whom you need to follow up, create a workflow. For example, if you’re working on a project, and need to send reports, you can write the reports, and schedule them.

3. Remind Yourself

When you’re browsing your email archive, you can create notes and schedule follow ups, without opening your contacts, or your calendar. Open a message, write a note, and schedule a time for it to appear in your Inbox.

Boomerang for Gmail’s charm is its simplicity. You can customize the app to work the way you do.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks: More Email Addresses FAST

Let’s look at some very clever Gmail tips and tricks. These are all new to me, and I’ve been using Gmail forever, so I hope they’re of use to you as well.

Gmail Tips and Tricks: More Email Addresses FAST

You’ve got to hand it to Google, because compared to other email services, Gmail is a wonder. I have many email addresses, and I forward everything to Gmail, because it weeds out the spam so well.

While forwarding usually works brilliantly, there’s the occasional email which goes astray. These tricks fix that problem.

Gmail tips and tricks: sort your email by multiple Gmail addresses

Did you know you can create as many email addresses as you need?

From How to Use the Infinite Number of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You:

… you can add a plus sign and any word before the @ sign (e.g. and messages will still reach you. If these tweaks make no difference, then why use them? One major reason: filters.

Gmail’s labels and its filtering work, but they need a little help. Signing up for regular mailings with a special Gmail address means that you can filter your email more efficiently.

I especially like David Nield’s idea of creating a Gmail address for your To Do list, by adding “+todo” to the email address before the “@”. I always find myself emailing tasks to myself while I’m out and about, so that’s very useful — I can now filter out my To Dos from the rest of my email.

Gmail tips and tricks: get fancy with images

From Daniel Futerman:

» Drag & Drop images into message body to insert as inline image.
» Copy / Paste images into message to insert as inline images.
» Drag images to the bottom message bar to add as attachments.

I had no idea you could do that. :-)

A Gmail trick to avoid a disaster: stop that email!

I thought that once you sent an email message, you were done. Not so. If you make a mistake and want to stop an email message, you can.

From Jill Duffy:

If you’ve never noticed the Undo Sent Message feature before, that’s because it’s not enabled by default. You have to turn it on (and you should know that it comes with some caveats, which I’ll explain in a moment), and the way to get to it is through Gmail Labs.

It’s worth enabling this feature. :-)
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Best-Ever Gmail Tip

If you use Gmail, you’ll love this tip — it sorts your mail for you.

2 Tech Tips to Simplify Your Online Life – suggests:

“If you use Gmail here is a killer tip. Use custom addresses for newsletter subscriptions by adding a + to the end of your gmail address and some custom text. For example, if wanted to signup for Groupon he could use The email gets delivered to the same inbox but now you can use a filter that looks for that address.”

Very clever.