Writing Journal 6: Sunday Writing

Writing Journal 6: Sunday Writing

My writing journal for Sunday, August 17, 2014. All the journal entries are here.

An early start with fiction…

It’s Sunday, the day of rest and family commitments. Up at 5AM, as usual however. Straight to the novella, which is now at 40,000 words, and nudging into novel territory.  I was aiming for 25,000 words, but the story took off. That’s OK. I’ll trim it back in revision.

After fixing a few things from yesterday’s scene, I stop for the day at 1,200 words. Only a few scenes left to go, then revisions, while starting the next novella in the series.

On to messages from Julia, and email. There’s less email on weekends. It’s mostly student questions, and exercises. Julia handles what she can. I glance over the responses she sent to clients and students yesterday, then send three long messages to students.

Time for Honey’s breakfast, and mine.

No walking today. Rain’s pouring down, which is wonderful for the garden, but horrible for my bad back — I desperately need exercise.  I scrawl YOGA onto a sticky note and stick it onto my desk.

I did Chi Kung a few years ago; it helped with my RSI. I may go back to that. When I started the exercises, I though “chi” was a metaphor. It’s not. After a while, you can feel the chi in your body. Then you get distracted, and surprised at the sensations. It’s a meditative exercise, so you need to remind yourself to focus on what you’re doing, and not on the chi. :-)

Another nonfiction book.

During breakfast, I make some notes for a new nonfiction book. It’s the fourth book in a series I’ve been ghostwriting for a client.

After breakfast, I publish a post about Kindle self publishing on the freelance blog.

I make some notes on what I still need to do today. Then it’s time to close down my computer, and get ready to deal with Sunday.

Back in the office…

It’s late afternoon, and time to get ready for the upcoming week. I download the Blogo blogging app (Mac), thinking that it may help me with blogging. It has Evernote integration, which is good. However, I soon go back to drafting posts in my usual way. I don’t have any time to tinker with it today.

I’ve made a great start on draft blog posts over the past week. You can never have too many, so I create a cluster diagram to gain some insights, then quickly create a few more drafts.

The drafts are simply a title, and  a few sentences. I make some notes for client blogs in Trello.

Clearing the decks in the online store.

Next, the online store. We’ve got a full calendar of new programs for writers and marketers coming up. We’re clearing the decks, by withdrawing programs we’re not actively promoting. So I need to choose three programs to close.

Onward to Authentic Writing. I need to incorporate ideas from students’ feedback, and revise the lessons.

(Yawn.) It’s been a long day. I’m an introvert by nature, which means that while I happily socialize, and always enjoy it, it’s nevertheless exhausting, and I need time to regain energy. Introverts are social beings, but we’re drained of energy when we socialize. Extroverts gain energy from socialization.

I do some yoga breathing in Mountain Pose; a couple of easy forward bends, and spend three minutes in Cobra.

That’s much better. I’d forgotten that unlike other exercises, gentle yoga stretches are energizing, and they clear your mind.

Finally… that’s it. My daily review, and weekly review are done. Word counts done. And onward to a new week. :-)

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