Pro Writer Success Package: Final Hours in Exclusive Offering

Pro Writer Success Packge

We’re in the final hours of the Pro Writer Success Package.

As I said here, Pro Writer Success Package: From Amateur Writer to Pro:

“Each week, I get a slew of messages from writers telling me their story, and asking me to give them the secret.

They want one SECRET…

Which of my guides, they ask, will take them from hobbyist to pro?

They’re asking for a ticket to success, of course.”

If you’re a writer, and want a successful writing career, the Pro Writer Success Package is for you.

Get Known: Hire a Ghostwriter — Celebrities Do

Celebrities do it: you can do it too. If you don’t have the time to write, you can nevertheless “write” articles and books — just hire a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters write articles, books and speeches for you. Those articles and books are published under your name. This is a common practice. Most books supposedly by celebrities, magnates and politicians are actually written by “ghosts.”

So why would you hire a ghostwriter? If you’re famous, and you get a contract from a major publisher to write a book, you’ll have no choice. The publisher will hire a ghostwriter for you. You’re famous for a reason, and you don’t have time to learn to write — that’s the writer’s job.

Ghostwriters are hired to help others to tell their story, or to share their expertise.

Publishing books and articles helps you to become known and respected in your field. If you’re an academic, there’s pressure to publish. For business people, publication wins respect, and will enhance a CV.

How Do You Work With a Ghostwriter?

It’s a simple process. Your writer knows what’s required to write a book, article or speech, and he’ll interview you, and research, to get the information he needs.

If you’re already under contract to write a book, he’ll speak with your editor, so that he understands exactly what the publishers’ needs are.

Your ghostwriter will interview you. Usually these sessions will be recorded and your writer will take notes as well. The more extensive the material he’s writing, the more sessions you’ll have with him.

Once he feels comfortable with the material, he’ll write an outline. Then he’ll do some additional research, and using the material from your sessions, he’ll write a first draft.

At this stage, you can delete material, and add material too. When you’re happy, your writer writes the final draft.

This may be all that’s required for a speech, or for a magazine article. However, if you’re writing a book, there will be several drafts, and your editor will have input as well.

The thought of hiring a ghostwriter may be strange to you, but it’s a very common practice, and it will help you to get known in your field.

Web Writing: New Web Content Creation Series Launching


Do you have challenges with creating Web content? If you do, you may find my new content-creation series useful.

Here’s the press release announcing it.

Web Writing Blog Launches New Series of Web Content Creation Tips for Writers and Marketers

Web writing expertise is essential for anyone who works on the Web, especially for writers. Angela Booth’s blog is launching a new series of of Web content creation tips for writers and marketers.

Top copywriter, author and writing teacher Angela Booth created her Web writing blog for students of her popular Web writing course, Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON), and it’s publicly available. The blog covers the skills Web content writers and marketers need in 2010 and beyond.

Many business people are using Angela’s course to start and build businesses online. Angela says: “Writing for the Web demands different skills from other forms of business writing. The Web is much more interactive and intimate. It’s an exciting environment, offering opportunities for business owners to communicate directly with their clients.”

Over the past few months, Angela has covered many different topics on the Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Blog, including: how to create and use WordPress blogs, how to get traffic and links to websites, and how to market using press releases.

Next week she’s starting a new series on the blog: “Super Simple Web Content Creation Tips — Teach, Entertain, and Sell”.

Angela says: “Information sells online, however creating reams of content can be intimidating too. It doesn’t need to be. I encourage my copywriting clients to approach content creation with the mantra ‘teach, entertain, and sell’ and it works for them. It makes creating content much easier. I’ll be sharing the tips and strategies I teach my clients with the readers of the Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Blog.”

The series will be a valuable resource for writers, marketers, and small business people — anyone who’s facing creating content, and wants some creative, yet practical ideas.

More information is available on the Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Blog.

For information on Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Web writing training. click here.

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