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Want to write a book? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write, but don’t know how to get started. Or perhaps you’ve tried to write a book, and have given up.

I’ve been writing books for longer than I care to remember, and without the shadow of a doubt, the happiest four days of my life were after I heard: “We want your book!” That was in the late 1970s. A different world. In some ways a kinder world — but NOT to authors.

In those days, you had to pass lots of gatekeepers if you wanted to get published. You wrote for years, book after book, with constant rejections. Finally, if you were lucky, and persistent, you got an agent and a publisher, and finally, finally… a couple of years AFTER THAT, your book was on bookstore shelves.

I made a “do-or-die” commitment: I  gave myself ten years to get a book published. If no one wanted my books in ten years, I’d give up my dream of becoming an author forever. That was scary. However, I must have got all my rejections out of the way early, by writing lots of magazine articles and short stories, because six months after my commitment, I had a multi-book contract from UK publisher, Macdonald-Futura.

The more things change…

Today, you don’t have to win over the gatekeepers at publishing houses. Indeed, for most authors, shopping books around to publishers isn’t a consideration. You can make more money by self-publishing.

Whether you opt to go the traditional route, or self-publish, writing books hasn’t changed. You’ve got to get those words out. The report will help. Enjoy. I wish you everything you wish for yourself: writing books is hugely satisfying, and hugely fun, once you’ve written a book or two. :-)

Write Commercial Fiction

If you’re struggling with your writing, trading your hours for dollars, maybe it’s time you considered something different: write commercial fiction. Once written, your ebooks will sell for years…

Write Commercial Fiction

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Creativity Rules: Copywriting and Content Tips to Build Your Audience TODAY

Creativity Rules: Copywriting and Content Tips to Build Your Audience TODAY

We’re living in a new world; a world in which information is marketing. Creativity rules. Copywriting and content work together to build your business.

If you’re new to marketing via content, you may be wondering how it works. Or indeed, if it works at all.

Content marketing works for many businesses, in the form of “native advertising” (also known as “sponsored content”.) Companies are relying on content:

It is usually labeled advertising (sometimes clearly, sometimes not), but if the content is appealing, marketers can gain attention and engagement beyond what they might get for say, oh, a banner ad.

It’s rumored that for some content, click through rates are as high as 20 per cent, compared with the click through rate for banner advertising: 0.1 per cent.

Marketing by using information can build your business

Will content marketing work for you? It worked for “Sales Lion” Marcus Sheridan, who famously used content marketing to build his swimming pools business. From the New York Times article on Marcus Sheridan’s content strategy:

Q. Once you wrote a blog post, how much time did you spend promoting it on Twitter and Facebook?

I didn’t. Dude, that one article on price has never been tweeted. It’s never been Facebooked. I’m not saying social media doesn’t help, but it’s nowhere near what people think. The only metric that really matters is total pages viewed. Here’s a statistic for you: If somebody reads 30 pages of my River Pools Web site, and we go on a sales appointment, they buy 80 percent of the time. The industry average for sales appointments is 10 percent. So, our whole marketing campaign revolves around getting people to stick around and read our stuff, because the longer they stay on our site, the greater the chance they’re going to fall in love with our company.

Tips you can use to build your audience (and business) today

I’ve compiled some articles into a free report, Creativity Rules: Copywriting and Content Tips to Build Your Audience TODAY. Add your email address to the form in the sidebar. You’ll receive the report in your email Inbox.

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