Stop the Excuses, and BLOG! (Even if you think you have no time)


You’re not blogging? Why not?

That’s your excuse, you don’t have time? Consider making time. Blogging may just be the most important thing you can do for your business, going forward. There are endless reasons you need a blog.

Consider these stats, from The Next Web:

  • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly which, by itself, is still an impressive result (HubSpot)

  • 59% of B2B marketers rate blogs as the most effective content marketing tactic (CMI)

  • Blogging champions as the #1 method for increasing traffic, with SEO in second place (HubSpot)

  • B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not (Inside View)

  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links (Hubspot)

No matter what kind of business you have, blogging is worth the time it takes. Moreover, you don’t need much time to blog. You can blog on the go.

How to blog on the go

I do much of my blogging away from my computer. I’m more creative out of the office than in it. If you get frazzled and distracted, consider that you can blog anywhere.

Use Evernote to blog in your car, at the supermarket, while waiting for your kids…

Evernote lets you blog anywhere. You can set up templates for various kinds of blog posts, or just create notes as you think of them. You can create image and audio notes: I get some of my best ideas while I’m walking Honey, my Jack Russell.

Got a WordPress blog? Use WordPress for iOS


WordPress has its own app:

WordPress has never been quite so mobile before. Designed for both iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad, WordPress for iOS makes it easy to share photos, write posts, and edit your content while on the go. Download it from the App Store today.

The app is fun to use, and best of all, you can edit and moderate comments, from your phone or iPad.

Other ways to blog on the go

There are endless apps which help you to blog on the go.

These are my favorites, and they’re free.

Google+ app

Use your Google+ stream just as you do in your browser, and add the photos you take directly to events.

* Pinterest app

Clever, because you can pin images you find on the Web, and from your camera too.

* Hootsuite for iOS and Android

All the social media tools you love, on the go.

Blogging needn’t be a chore, and it certainly doesn’t take a lot of time. It can be the best thing you’ll ever do for you business. So stop the excuse — try some of these easy ways to blog anywhere, and everywhere. Have fun. :-)

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