3 Easy Facebook Marketing Tips

3 Easy Facebook Marketing Tips

Oh, the horror. Facebook is changing the way its newsfeed works. If you’re already feeling the pinch: you’re not getting the results from Facebook you want, you’re thinking about your strategy. Let’s look at some easy Facebook marketing tips.

Before we get into that, keep something in mind: Facebook is a walled garden. If your Facebook page is your business’s “website”, you’re digital sharecropping. To some extent we’re all digital sharecroppers of course, but as long as you’re aware of what’s happening, you can minimize the threat to your business.

1. Post Real Content on Facebook

Hootsuite said:

One of the main reasons why Facebook is changing its algorithm is because more and more businesses are posting sales-driven content, as opposed to resourceful content that will provide value to their audience.

Facebook’s aim is to ensure that advertising on Facebook happens on ads, for which you pay.

If you’re not sure who’s following you on Facebook and why, get to know your audience. Your Facebook audience is different from your audience on Twitter, and your audience on other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Consider ways to get your audience selling for you. Encourage them to post photos of themselves using your products. If you’re looking for a direct sales option on social media, Pinterest may be a better venue than Facebook.

2. Be Social: Engage With Your Audience on Facebook

Some companies do this brilliantly. They ask their audience open-ended questions, and respond to comments.

If you’re not doing it yet, consider this: you can get to know your customers on Facebook. When someone leaves a valuable comment, you can click through to their profile to see who they are. If you do this consistently, you can gather some valuable intelligence.

3. Play the Pided Piper: Lure Your Audience Onto Your Email List

Facebook promises to be more challenging in 2015. So your aim should be to get people onto an email list. Few companies make the best use of an email list. I have a suspicion of why that is: email campaigns take planning. Yes, email open rates are lower than they used to be. However, your best chance of increasing the value of your Facebook page’s visitors is via email.

As this Kissmetrics article points out:

…email allows you to make repeated contact, and that contact is “invasive”. It’s in their mailbox—their inner electronic sanctum. That’s very different from sending out a tweet or posting something on Facebook, where they may or may not see it, because it’s just part of a much larger timeline featuring hundreds of other people.

Bite the bullet. Take your email list seriously. Indeed, prioritize your email list. I subscribe to lots of email lists, both for my interests, and for research. I’ve noticed that some companies send out mailings several times a day. I may not read all their mailings, but I glance at them, and several times a week I click through to their website. These companies are successful. They’re focused on sales, and they know that their best chance of making sales comes via email.

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Social Media Outrage Over Penalty Rates Rant

Social Media Outrage Over Penalty Rates Rant

Want to go viral on social media? The Bombay Bicycle Club restaurant in Adelaide shows you how it’s done. But please don’t try this in your own business.

The restaurant created a faux menu showing what prices its menu items would be if they were multiplied 2.75 times. Why, you ask? Because of the penalty rates which the restaurant pays its staff on public holidays.

Adelaide pub Bombay Bicycle Club apologizes for calling people ‘idiots’ on Facebook after staff penalties rant reports:

“We will have to pay our staff 2.75 times the base rate for public holidays. This is how the prices on our bar menu would look using that formula”, the sign read.

All well and good. You can imagine the restaurant’s patrons glancing at the sign as they walked past it. Unfortunately, the restaurant posted an image of the sign on its Facebook page. As you would, right? (Snark.)

The image went viral. Lots of people had opinions, and they posted them on Facebook and Twitter. They also punished the restaurant with one-star reviews.

Then this post appeared on the restaurant’s Facebook page:

The BBC ownership would like to apologize for our sign and Facebook post. We regret the wording. There was no intention to offend anyone.

Overly clever PR? No

When I first heard this story, I thought that a restaurant patron had snapped a photo of the faux menu and uploaded it to Facebook. Not so. Apparently the restaurant posted the image. I couldn’t find it, they must have deleted it.

Then I wondered whether this was a clever PR trick. Upload a photo, get lots of comments and links. That though died when the Facebook timeline reveals that the restaurant tried to justify its attitude on penalty rates… on Facebook.

Social media can be savage; I read some of the Facebook and Twitter responses. Harsh punishment. Not the image the restaurant wants to show.

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Small Business Marketing Made Easy: 5 Free Ideas


Looking for free or low-cost marketing ideas? You need strategies which are not only cheap, but which are also easy to implement.

Before you get started, think about your business. What interests do your customers have? Market to them where they congregate. When you’re marketing, you have to be visible where they are. A friend runs a hairdressing salon. She sponsors a junior sports team.

Let’s look at five low-cost ideas.

1. Make Friends and Influence People: Dive Into Social Media

Here’s a secret: you’ll get the best results from social media if you choose a network you like, and have a plan.

Don’t try to be everywhere. Ask your customers which network they use. If your customers aren’t using Twitter or Facebook, you need to know that. You can still use these networks to develop contacts.

2. Are Your Customers On Forums? If They Are, Use Forum Marketing

Forums have existed as long as the Internet. People congregate to chat about their passions, and to get information. For example, when I decided to switch from PCs to Macs in 2005, I joined a popular Mac forum. I got encouragement and great information.

3. Press Releases: Get Into the News

Free publicity is golden. It can take your business to a whole new level. But it’s a little like winning the lottery. You’ve got to buy a ticket. Press releases can be your tickets to a windfall of free publicity.

4. Advertise Using Information With “Native Advertising”

Big brands are investing heavily in “native advertising.” This form of advertising is old-school advertorials updated.

The brands using it dispute this. Nevertheless, that’s what is is: advertorials are camouflaged to look like editorial content.

You can use native advertising too. Remember, your advertising is mimicking editorial content. It slots seamlessly into the platform on which it appears.

5. “You Are Here”: Advertise Using Images

Image advertising is fun, powerful… and best of for small biz people like us, it’s easy.

Google+ and other social media sites make it easy to use images. In its latest update, Google+ showcases images beautifully, and even provides tools to edit your images after you upload them. Images with quotes are popular, and they don’t take long to create. You can use your own photos, or source them from sites, Be sure that the images you choose have Creative Commons (free to use) licenses.

No images? Check your phone. These days, cell phone cameras create images which display well on the Web. Choose a photo, add your quote, upload it, and you’re done.

So there you have it: five low-cost marketing ideas you can use today.

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