3 Easy Facebook Marketing Tips

3 Easy Facebook Marketing Tips

Oh, the horror. Facebook is changing the way its newsfeed works. If you’re already feeling the pinch: you’re not getting the results from Facebook you want, you’re thinking about your strategy. Let’s look at some easy Facebook marketing tips.

Before we get into that, keep something in mind: Facebook is a walled garden. If your Facebook page is your business’s “website”, you’re digital sharecropping. To some extent we’re all digital sharecroppers of course, but as long as you’re aware of what’s happening, you can minimize the threat to your business.

1. Post Real Content on Facebook

Hootsuite said:

One of the main reasons why Facebook is changing its algorithm is because more and more businesses are posting sales-driven content, as opposed to resourceful content that will provide value to their audience.

Facebook’s aim is to ensure that advertising on Facebook happens on ads, for which you pay.

If you’re not sure who’s following you on Facebook and why, get to know your audience. Your Facebook audience is different from your audience on Twitter, and your audience on other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Consider ways to get your audience selling for you. Encourage them to post photos of themselves using your products. If you’re looking for a direct sales option on social media, Pinterest may be a better venue than Facebook.

2. Be Social: Engage With Your Audience on Facebook

Some companies do this brilliantly. They ask their audience open-ended questions, and respond to comments.

If you’re not doing it yet, consider this: you can get to know your customers on Facebook. When someone leaves a valuable comment, you can click through to their profile to see who they are. If you do this consistently, you can gather some valuable intelligence.

3. Play the Pided Piper: Lure Your Audience Onto Your Email List

Facebook promises to be more challenging in 2015. So your aim should be to get people onto an email list. Few companies make the best use of an email list. I have a suspicion of why that is: email campaigns take planning. Yes, email open rates are lower than they used to be. However, your best chance of increasing the value of your Facebook page’s visitors is via email.

As this Kissmetrics article points out:

…email allows you to make repeated contact, and that contact is “invasive”. It’s in their mailbox—their inner electronic sanctum. That’s very different from sending out a tweet or posting something on Facebook, where they may or may not see it, because it’s just part of a much larger timeline featuring hundreds of other people.

Bite the bullet. Take your email list seriously. Indeed, prioritize your email list. I subscribe to lots of email lists, both for my interests, and for research. I’ve noticed that some companies send out mailings several times a day. I may not read all their mailings, but I glance at them, and several times a week I click through to their website. These companies are successful. They’re focused on sales, and they know that their best chance of making sales comes via email.

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Twitter Without Tears: 2 Great Tools to Help you to Win Friends and Influence People

Twitter Management Tools

Love Twitter? Me too. However, keeping track of people on Twitter is a headache. I’ve tried spreadsheets, to do lists, and reminders, as well as Twitter apps; all require far too much time and upkeep.

My favorite Twitter tools are Buffer and HootSuite, but they don’t help you to manage connections and interactions.

Once I decided that there had to be a better way, I explored several tools which help you to learn more about your Twitter community, and connect with people.

Here are two of my favorites. Good news: although both of these tools have premium upgrades, the freebie versions offer you huge benefits. No more spreadsheets, or to do lists. :-)

twtrland: people and insights at a glance

twtrland Twitter tool

twtrland is referred to as a “social intelligence” tool, but that’s a little cold. Essentially it helps you to understand your Twitter community. You’ll discover a mass of information, which could be overwhelming, but isn’t because twtrland’s interface is excellent.

The Profile Updates page gives you a quick analysis of your Twitter account’s activity over the past week. You can see recent followers and replies at a glance, and can learn more about any follower as soon as you click on his icon.

You’ll also see your top content over the past seven days: which posts received the most retweets.

Next, your Audience Analysis page helps with your positioning. Again, you get the picture of your Twitter account at a glance: celebrities (! – no celebrities for me, so sad) power users, casual users, and novice users.

You’ll see your follower breakdowns by country, as well as by interest, which is invaluable.

Your Followers page is perhaps the most powerful, because you can filter your followers in many different ways. I’ll bet that you’re as surprised as I was at the number of opportunities to connect with people which emerge.

Want to connect with someone? Just click, and send a tweet.

Next, there’s your Conversations page: see everyone you’re talking to.

Finally, there’s the Find Influencers page, which again is invaluable with helping you to connect on Twitter.

Give twtrland a try. You’ll be amazed at what you learn. And you’ll be thrilled at how easy twtrland makes engagement on Twitter.

Commun.it: helps you to build Twitter community, as the name suggests

Commun.it Twitter tool

Commun.it is another brilliant Twitter engagement tool. Your Dashboard shows: Relationships, Followers, Groups, and also allows you to Monitor Engagement and Discover New Leads.

You’ll love Commun.it if you’ve been feeling guilty because you’re too pressed for time respond to everyone who contacts you on Twitter. Commun.it shows you people to whom you owe replies, and you can respond instantly. Buffer user? You can Buffer your responses and thanks.

As its name suggests, Commun.it helps you to build a real community on Twitter, without it taking over your life.

I love both these tools, because they help you to understand and build your Twitter community – without pain. Try them. They’re immensely valuable social media marketing tools (even in the free versions), and they’re fun too.


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Surviving Social Media: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When I mentioned Twitter, the client snapped: “We tried it. Social media doesn’t work!”

I’ve heard that before. After the meeting, I checked the contentious Twitter account – what there was of it. Twenty random tweets over three months.

If you feel that social media isn’t working for you, it’s time to take a close look at what you’re doing.

Could you avoid these mistakes?

Mistake 1. Lack of planning

Are you planning your social media campaigns? For best results, integrate social media into the rest of your marketing – social media should be part of all your marketing efforts.

You can:

  • Integrate social media with search marketing (SEO). Create content around your marketing plans, and use social media to encourage engagement;
  • Integrate social media with your email marketing. Ask questions, then encourage recipients to respond on social media. Again, this encourages engagement with your brand;
  • Integrate social media with events. What events are coming up? An “event” can be anything at all. Perhaps you’re launching a product, or are scheduled for a trade show… If you’re sponsoring a sports team, tweet and post about upcoming matches.

Mistake 2. Impatience

Your social media accounts take time to grow. Five followers and likes become 50, and then 500.

Tip: buying followers doesn’t work. Your accounts will grow organically, as you promote your presence, and engage on the networks.

Mistake 3. Failure to engage

Social media is social. Be available, and engaged. Encourage your customers and prospects to chat to you. Respond to queries. Ask questions.

Consider offering coupons, and running contests.

Woobox specializes in social promotions; it’s used by two million brands. Visit their site. They offer many ways for you to engage your customers and develop new followers.

Mistake 4. Hashtag dumping

You’ve seen hashtags: words preceded by the “#” hash sign which identify messages on a specific topic. Although they’re useful, they’re ugly and confusing when they dominate a message.

Use them as they’re meant to be used, and create your own to identify promotions. If you’re running a Christmas picture contest for example, you could ask people to post an image with a special hashtag, such as #mychrispic. Your hashtag can be anything you choose. Keep it short, and identifiable – make sure it’s not already in use.

Mistake 5. Wordiness

Whichever network you’re on, keep your messages short. Attach images to your messages: they get more retweets and Likes. People browse social media; images catch attention.

On Twitter, you’ve got 140 characters, or around 25 words for a message. Don’t use all 140 characters. Leave space for retweets.

You have more space on other networks. Google+ gives you lots of room for your messages, but even there, use a mix of short messages, with the occasional longer post.

On Pinterest, images are vital; they’re the key to repins and engagement.

If you feel that social media isn’t working for you; try again. You may discover a powerful new marketing tool.


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10 Tips to Power Up Your Social Media Marketing in Minutes a Day

Social Media

How much time are you spending on social media? Maybe you think you’re spending too much time — or you think you’re spending too little.

In this post, Social Media: How Much Time Should You Spend?, I suggested:

“Once you’ve decided that social media is a useful marketing adjunct, how much time do you spend on it?

To be honest, I’ve no idea. Everyone’s different. Your business is unlike that of anyone else, and so is your temperament.”

Let’s look at ten tips which will help you to power up your social media engagement, no matter how much or how little time you spend on it.

1. What do you want social media to do for you? Set monthly, weekly and daily goals

What are your goals for your social media engagement?

Decide now. Grab a sticky note, and ask yourself what you expect. Then write it down in a sentence.

Taking 60 seconds to think about your expectations simplifies your social media engagement more than anything else. Once you know what you want your interactions to do, you can relax.

2. Set a time limit – use a timer

You click onto Google+, and an hour later, you’ve achieved very little. You clicked on to a couple of “pluses”, and had fun.

With your expectations in mind, set a time limit for your engagement on Twitter or Facebook. You can achieve a lot in ten minutes if you’re focused. When the timer dings, go on with your day.

You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve when you set a time limit. You’ll become laser-focused in your social media interactions.

3. Use scheduling tools like Buffer and HootSuite

There are many social media tools. I’ve found Buffer and HootSuite the most convenient, and the easiest to use. They save you time and energy.

4. Use what you have: repurpose your content

Content takes time to create and is a valuable asset. Make the most of your assets and use them on social media. You can repurpose your content in many ways: see how many exciting and innovative ways you can come up with.

5. Store your stuff where you can get at it

I keep my life in Evernote. I do this because the material I need is available to me wherever I happen to be.

You don’t have to use Evernote, but keep your URLs, passwords, and other vital data handy. If you can’t find what you need, you can spend five minutes out of the ten minutes you’ve allotted for social media engagement session searching for stuff.

6. Keep up with the news: share what’s new

Everyone wants to know what’s new. Whatever industry you’re in, it takes time to keep up with the latest information. Do your followers and contacts on social media a favor: share what’s new in your industry.

In the same vein, content curation is a valuable service which can help you to become better known in your industry.

7. Share others’ content: curate to help your audience

As you come across news, bookmark it. Store the bookmarks where you keep your stuff. Then once or twice a week, create a content curation-style post on your blog, or on your Google+ or Facebook page.

The latest news gives you something to discuss in social media, and it also positions you as an expert in your field

8. Track social media but don’t obsess: use tracking tools

If you’re not a social media professional, you don’t need to become obsessive about tracking results. However, you can use the simple tracking tools in Buffer and HootSuite to see what’s working for you in your social media engagements and what isn’t.

9. Take the time to integrate social media into your business

Chances are that you’re looking at social media as something apart from your business. Integrate it.

Did you know that you can create business boards on Pinterest? Have you created any Facebook pages? What about Google+ – have you created any pages there?

Think about your website too. And what about your place of business? Do you advertise your Twitter username? Are you asking your customers to “like” you on Facebook?

The time you spend on social media is time wasted if you don’t integrate social media with the rest of your business.

Take five minutes today, and work out how you achieve this integration.

10. Publish fresh content to social media three times on the day of publication

Your audience dips in and out of social media, just as you do. It’s a river of content. No one can keep up with it all.

Therefore, if you’re publishing new content to your blog, or to your website, or to iTunes or YouTube, make sure that you publicize this new content on social media frequently.

On the day you publish, promote your content at least three times at different times of the day. This gives your content maximum exposure.

Put these tips into action. Social media can work for your business, and it doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time. Power up your social media marketing today.

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photo credit: ChrisL_AK via photopin cc