Creating Websites The Easy Way

Creating Websites The Easy Way

If creating websites is part of your job, you want to do it the easiest way possible. I’ve recently become a fan of template-based website-creation tool Squarespace.

After using it, I was so impressed I transferred my writing classes website to the platform. My reasons included: ease of use, as well as easy commerce. By the way, I have no connection to Squarespace, I just like the product.

Easy one-page websites that look great on any device

Squarespace is great for one-page websites:

What’s a “one-page” website?

Just what it says. A single page. A website which consists of one page minimizes distractions. You have just the one page, with one (and only one) message. Clutter, such as navigation controls, has gone.

A decade ago, these kinds of pages were called “buy or leave” sales pages, and that sums it up. You give the visitors to your page just enough information for them to take action on what you offer.

Squarespace calls them Cover Pages; you can have a “website” set up in minutes. You can create as many one-pagers as you like. They’re great for sales pages, because there’s nothing to distract your customers.

Set up a store too, fast

Squarespace’s easy commerce is also useful if you just want to sell something, and do it fast. It’s great for digital downloads; just upload your file, and create a new product.

Apps: manage your website on the go

Squarespace has a good suite of tools to help you when you’re out and about. Blog, check your metrics, or just make a note.

I’m always looking for ways to be more productive. Squarespace helps. Check it out.

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Today, YOU can begin to build a great writing career too. Write with Angela — Team Up is fun. :-)

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How to profit from your writing: online store.

Australian Retailers: We Want to Buy From You, But…

Dyson vacuum cleaner

Thank you, Dyson!

If you’re an Australian retailer, pay attention. Read this article, Why no one shops from Aussie stores online:

“I don’t mean to be harsh to Australian retailers. I get that you’re struggling and I’m actually on your side. When possible, I try to shop local. I even have your loyalty cards crammed into all corners of my purse.
But it’s time for some tough love and to let you know that  1998 called and it wants its website back.”

A couple of weeks ago, I had a wonderful experience shopping online, with Dyson. I’m still shocked. The site’s shopping cart worked, and the product arrived either 24 or 48 hours later — either way, it arrived FAST. Thank you, Dyson. I truly appreciate the convenience.

That’s not a normal experience shopping with an Australian online store, sadly. As Kasey Edwards says in the above article, a buyer’s experience with an Australian online store is usually an experience in frustration.

That’s why Australians prefer to do their online shopping in US or UK stores. Not only is it easy, it’s fun, and fast. Just yesterday a friend showed me a pair of Chanel sunglasses she bought from a UK online retailer. She’d rather shop in Australia, because the product would arrive sooner.

Another holiday shopping season is starting.

Holiday shopping: where?

Australians who prefer to shop online, will shop via Amazon and other overseas stores. News flash: they’d rather shop local.

I had to grin at Kasey’s comment: “1998 called and it wants its website back”.

Shoppers understand that you’ll need to spend money to create a great online shopping experience. If you do it however, they’ll shop with you.

More to the point, they have money to spend. Where they spend it is up to you.

If you’ve been hoping that the whole online thing is just a fad, get over that notion. Yes, Australians will still go shopping when it’s 35 degrees Celsius, but more and more, they’ll skip the trauma of driving around in the heat looking for a parking spot, and will do their holiday shopping online.

They want to spend money with you, but…

Mumgo’s Email-First Strategy


Thanks for clicking, now gimme your email

Mumgo is a new Australian site that knows what it wants: your email address. You can’t enter the site until you hand over your details.

When I read this story, Revealed: Why Catch of the Day snapped up a four-week-old website and launched new lifestyle site Mumgo, I decided to visit Mumgo:

“Catch of the Day transformed newly launched ecommerce site Ladybub, founded by husband and wife team and former investment bankers Dan and Elise Gold, into Mumgo.

The Golds are heading up the Mumgo site and received a stake in the business.”

My mummy days are long behind me, so I clicked on the Suppliers page to learn a little more. Mumgo is keen for suppliers to sign up:

Why feature on Mumgo?
We connect you to a very large online shopping community of Aussie mums

Our campaigns are first-class in their presentation and focus on the educational aspects of your brand, story and products

We help you move stock quickly

We order large volumes

We pay immediately (no trading terms are required)

Obviously, they’re working on that “very large online shopping community of Aussie mums” thing by demanding that anyone arriving at the site hand over their email address first.

No, I don’t object. It’s a good idea for a shopping-bargains site. I’m just surprised — shocked, even. Well done, Mumgo. It’s exactly what the site should be doing, that’s why I’m surprised. :-)