Write An Ebook In 8 Hours Or Less

Write An Ebook In 8 Hours Or Less

Want to write an ebook in a day? You can. As you may know, I write a lot of books, usually for clients. I’ve got a process that I share with you in my Words into Cash: Write and Sell Your Ebook in Just 8 Hours program.

If you’re interested in writing fast and well, I encourage you to check out this program, because we’re withdrawing it on September 7. We’ve got many more programs scheduled for this year and next.

Why write a fast ebook?

Money’s one reason. Would you believe that an ebook on attracting hummingbirds to your home made $500,000 in a single year? People want information on many different kinds of topics.

I love watching birds on my daily walks, and if I had the time and inclination, I could write an ebook on attracting native birds to your garden.

Would it sell? Who knows? If you write a quick ebook, and spend just eight hours on it, it scarcely matters. Some ebooks can be sleepers. You can write an ebook, forget all about it, and months later discover that it’s taken off.

However, important as money is, it’s not the only, or even the primary reason for my clients to write ebooks. They may write an ebook to educate their audience, for the credibility it gives them, or just because a competitor has an ebook and they want one too.

Ebook marketing is hard, right?

Authors can get tied in knots over marketing. They think that “marketing” is a mysterious process, which takes a long time, and is embarrassing into the bargain. No one wants to beg people to read their book.

If you shudder at the idea of marketing, and think it’s hard, let’s look at a simple process for setting your goal for marketing, and your goalposts.

  • Decide on your goal for ebook marketing. Do you want lots of sales, to become known as an author, to sell a coaching program, to sell a product…?
  • Set your goalposts. How will you know when you’ve scored a win? Your goalposts might be getting your ebook into the top thousand ebooks in its category on Amazon. Or they might be getting ten speaking engagements. Or getting your new product into stores across the nation. When you set your goalposts, you define what “success” looks like for you.

Once you’ve set a goal, and the goalposts, marketing starts to look a lot less intimidating.

Setting your goalposts is vital. When I’m coaching business people and authors, I encourage them to look beyond sales, or the number of downloads they get if they’re offering their ebooks for free. Your goalposts – that is, the measure of your success, may not involve large numbers of readers at all.

Here’s an example. One of my clients, a management consultant, published his ebook on Amazon, and had 100 Createspace copies printed. He sends a printed copy of his book to prospects, and leaves several copies behind after he pitches prospects. He’s tripled his client list in the past year.

Would you spend eight hours writing an ebook if you knew it would triple your business? Our Words into Cash: Write and Sell Your Ebook in Just 8 Hours program is available until September 7.

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Ebook Marketing For Business Books: A Simple Method

Ebooks as a Gift

You’ve written an ebook for a business audience. While you’ve made some sales, you feel you’d be making more, if only you could get some reviews.

Here’s the solution: give some copies away to people who would benefit from the book.

Sites like Goodreads can manage this process for you. However, book review sites for readers work best for “consumer” ebooks, rather than for books with a business audience.

For example, let’s say you’ve written an ebook about sales training. Why not give a copy of the ebook to people you’ve already trained? These people know you. They’re enthusiastic about your methods, and have used those methods. A book review from someone who’s tested your information is much more valuable than a review from someone who’s just read the book.

Why not offer free copies to people you know, and ask them for a brief review?

Amazon makes it easy to share your ebooks with others. The benefit of sending a gift by Amazon, is that your ebook will show up in your recipient’s Kindle account. Reading on the Kindle, or in a Kindle app, is a lot easier than reading a PDF.

Here’s how to offer your book for free on the Kindle.

This article, 3 E-Book Marketing Tips Sure to Bring Success, offers some marketing tips, and suggests:

“Amazon’s ‘Give a Gift Feature’ allows you to send someone a free copy of your Kindle book via e-mail. Offering e-books free for a limited time or a limited audience is an effective approach to e-book marketing.”

Yes, there’s an alternative to the Gift Feature: Amazon KDP Select.

What about Amazon KDP Select?

Amazon’s Select program will allow you to offer your book for free at times you choose. (But you must sell your ebook on Amazon exclusively.)

While this is effective for consumer ebooks like novels, it’s less effective for business books. Business people aren’t likely to be browsing Amazon looking for free ebooks on topics which interest them. Moreover, since they don’t know you, they’re less likely to review your book.

It’s best to approach people directly, and then gift them your ebook.

Not everyone to whom you offer your ebook will be willing to accept it, because they don’t have time to read. If you give away 50 copies you may only get 10 reviews. However, those reviews are likely to be solid.

Several of my clients have tried this gifting process, and have had great results. They made a personal approach, either on the phone or via email, and it’s effective.

Try it — you’ll get your reviews.

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Automatic Ebooks With The Anthologize WordPress Plugin — Free


You’ve got a blog. This means you have content. You can repurpose that content in many different ways, and one of the easiest ways is to create an ebook from selected posts. However, this is a chore.

Here’s how to get the task off your To Do list, and done, automatically — IF you have a WordPress self-hosted blog. (The plugin doesn’t work on WordPress.com.)

Search for Anthologize from your WordPress Dashboard, and install it.

You can see a screenshot of the plugin here.

Jennifer Herndon’s created an excellent tutorial video too…

Anthologize is the perfect tool for you to turn some of your posts into ebooks. Once you’ve ordered the content the way you want it, you can export your new ebook to several formats, including ePUB and PDF.

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