Easier Online Selling With Selz and PayPal

Easy Online Selling: Selz and PayPal

Looking for easy online selling? I wrote about Selz last year.

Selz intrigued me because I’ve been selling digital products online for a decade and a half, and I’m always looking for easier ways to do it. The faster and simpler you can make the sales process for your customers, the happier they are. And of course, the easier you can make it for yourself, the more business you can do.

Although I enjoyed Selz, I felt there should be a PayPal option, because customers ask for it. Now there is. Selz has developed a new PayPal app:

Selz’s PayPal Unlimited app makes it simpler for creatives and entrepreneurs to take their sales to the next level by offering the option of buying with PayPal within Selz platform.

It doesn’t get any easier than this…

Anyone who’s been selling online for a while knows that integrating a PayPal buying option into your shopping cart isn’t aways easy. So when I saw that Selz was offering PayPal I winced, and thought: “OK, brace yourself. This will be painful.”

I was thrilled to discover it’s painless. Not a worry in the world. You just turn PayPal on in your Settings, and you’re done. And it’s inexpensive.

You can use Selz for marketing, too

You’ve got a mailing list. You want subscribers. Selz can help:

Here is my theory on why the Selz widget led to more subscribers than the standard opt-in box. The sheer size difference of the Selz widget compared to the standard opt-in box, along with the use of the cover image of the ebook in the widget, makes it stand out.

Selz makes it easy to offer free downloads, and the widget stands out on any webpage, or in your blog’s sidebar.

If you’re dipping your toes into online selling, give Selz a try. Not only is it easy for you to implement, your customers will love it too.

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Selz: Online Selling Made Easy, Even for Digital Downloads

Selz: Selling online made simple
Selz: Selling online made simple

Want to sell stuff online? You have lots of options, starting with big sites like Amazon and eBay. You can sell single items there, and set up a store. The challenge with large sites is that they have rigid requirements, and also have fees which mount up.

You can also sell from your own website. But setting up an ecommerce cart, and a payment system is a challenge. It takes time, and requires technical expertise.

There’s a clever, simple and sophisticated alternative. No matter whether you want to sell just a couple of items, or whether you want a complete online store, you can now sell online without hassles.

Selz is a new online payment processor, which adjusts perfectly to your needs. One of the biggest benefits of selling with Selz is that there’s no interruption to the buying process, as there can be when buyers are forced to log in to a payment processor like PayPal. Interruptions lead to lost sales.

Selz is a snap: sell all over the world

Selz manages 190 currencies seamlessly, so no matter where you are in the world, you can use Selz, and you become a global seller.

I’ve been selling online for well over a decade, and over the years, I’ve tried many different sales options. Not a single one of them has been as simple to set up and use as Selz.

In this article, I covered how to sell on Selz:

  1. Click the “+Sell an Item” button on your dashboard
  2. Choose whether you want to sell a physical item, or a digital item
  3. Add your item details

You can offer your products for sale in minutes.

What products? Anything you like. Sell that lurid shirt you got as a gift, your collection of designer handbags, or digital downloads like ebooks, videos and MP3s.

Selz is your online store: add it to Facebook

As soon as you create an item in Selz, you’ve created your own online store. You can promote individual items in your store, or you can promote your store as a whole. You can even add your store to a Facebook page.

Here’s my store, added to my Facebook page.

My Selz store, added to my Facebook page
My Selz store, added to my Facebook page

If you have a website, it’s simple to add a Selz Buy button, or a widget, wherever you want to place them. For example, add them to a HTML page, or to your WordPress or other blog. I’ve added Selz items to my WordPress and Typepad blogs. You just copy the code and paste it into a widget on your website.

Easily sell digital downloads with Selz

If you’re a magician or a writer, Selz automates your sales and delivery. Just add your item, upload it to Selz, and you’re good to go. Selz handles large files too; up to four gigabytes.

I’m moving many of my products to Selz, because it’s so easy to use, and promote, items.

What can you sell on Selz?

You just sell just about anything. Explore the Selz Blog, for seller stories.