Writing Coach: Instant Coaching (Time-Limited Offering)

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These days everyone from sports people to business people has a coach. Writers benefit from coaching too. A writing coach can help you with your writing challenges, whatever they may be.

I work with writers every day, and until August 3, you can try out coaching very quickly with our offering for “instant coaching.”

Your challenges: writing, selling your writing, marketing, or … ?

I discussed two of my writing students in yesterday’s article on less stress:

I’ve just been chatting with a writing student who thinks that his writing is going too slowly. He’s written the first draft of a nonfiction book, and is frustrated because he thinks he should be moving through the revision more quickly.

Sadly, he’s lost perspective. In the time we’ve been working together, not only has he planned and written an ebook, he’s planning another one. That’s huge progress.

Writing coaching can help

If you can articulate your challenge, coaching can help. Indeed coaching can prevent disaster. One of my students was ready to delete all the files related to a book she’d worked on for three years. I managed to convince her that such drastic action wasn’t necessary. She’s completed a proposal for her book, and we’re shopping it around literary agents.

Another student wanted to develop a money-making blog, but because there were so many large “authority” blogs in her niche, she’d was intimidated. She felt that her blog would struggle: how could she compete?

We decided that she wouldn’t try to compete. She’d be herself. She has a lot to offer, and all that was needed was for her to acknowledge that. I knew her story was impressive, and I could see her getting media interviews and attention. All she needed was someone to believe in her, and help her to develop a plan for her new blog.

Writing coaching helps you to gain perspective. It also offers solutions.

Our new Instant Coaching program is not only fast and powerful, it’s also guaranteed. Take advantage of the offering, it ends on August 3.

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Create A Blog The Minimalist Way (For Blogging Haters)

Angela Booth Roon blog

My new blog on Roon… I couldn’t resist it…


You hate blogging, but you want to create a blog. These days, you can blog anywhere. Quora lets you create a blog, and you can create a faux blog on Google+. Many other sites encourage you to blog with them. But what if you want to create a blog on something you own, rather than on a social network?

While doing some research for a project on Markdown, the so-easy-it’s-a-joy text-to-HTML conversion tool, I came across some simple options for creating your own blog, completely for free, simply and easily.

Not a Markdown aficionado? If you’re not familiar with Markdown, relax. A Markdown document is just a text file with Markdown syntax; saved with either .md or .markdown file extension. It takes a minute or two to learn Markdown syntax, and hey presto – your writing life got a lot easier. As Brett Terpstra says in his two minute explanation, Markdown fits in any workflow.

Let’s look at three ways you can create a blog you love the minimalist’s way.

1. Try Calepin, if you’re a Dropbox user.

If you’re a Dropbox user, great choice, Calepin is for you. Read the Calepin page, and you’ll find a link to this example of a Calepin blog.

Jon Mitchell’s written a paean to Calepin in a little tutorial.

2. Got a website already? Dropplets offers free no-hassle blogging.


If you’ve got a website already, Dropplets gives you a simple, no-hassle totally free way to blog. You just upload the contents of the Dropplets ZIP file to your server. Open your new website in a browser, and follow the prompts.

Then you simply create your blog posts in a plain text file, using Markdown, then upload it to your server using the Dropplets uploader.

Here’s a demo of a Dropplets site. Dropplets comes with a free template, and you can buy a premium template from the Dropplets marketplace.

3. Roon: just gorgeous. Easy, and free.


I hit the Roon website, and couldn’t resist creating a blog. As if I didn’t have enough blogs already. Never mind. My Roon blog will fit into my life somewhere. Here’s my Roon blog.

Roon creates gorgeous blogs, as many as you like, for free. You can buy add-ons like your own domain name, and an analytics package, for a small charge.

Let’s see what Roon looks like in action, in the image below. Here’s the backend of Roon. It’s simple, and gives you lots of space to write, right in your Web browser. Click around the various areas, it takes just a minute and you’ll see how everything works.

Roon backend

Ready to publish? Hit the Publish link on the top right, and you’re done. Here’s my first published post on Roon. Blindingly simple to create. Write, upload an image if you wish, and you’re done.

In the backend, you’ll see your published and draft posts in the left sidebar.

If you want to create a blog, but can’t face the hassle of either creating a blog, spending hours choosing a theme, and then the endless updating, let alone writing blog posts, you need a minimalist option. Choose one of the three options above. (And if you’re already a blogger, be wary of Roon — or you’ll be the proud parent of another blog before you know it.)

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Wear Shades: Here Comes WordPress Twenty Thirteen

WordPress Twenty Thirteen

If you’re a WordPress fan, as I am, you’ll be excited about the new Twenty Thirteen theme. Here’s a preview.

Yes — it’s bright and colorful. It’s perfect if you’re into image marketing, and mobile marketing.

We’ve discussed image marketing as the big news of 2012. The WordPress Twenty Thirteen theme is built for that.

I can’t see myself deploying it on any of my current blogs (she says, with a gleam in her eye.) Therefore, I’ll create a new blog. This is always fun. I’ll talk a client into it, or I’ll use it myself.

The new theme will arrive with an update of WordPress, and is due in April.

Web Content Creator

Blogging: Fun With Tumblr Equals Blog Traffic

Tumblr stats
Current Tumblr stats

If you have a blog, you want traffic. The microblogging service, Tumblr, with its heavy social media integration, can help you to get that traffic. Currently, 92.5 blogs are hosted on the service: it’s an ecosystem in itself.

It’s interesting that Tumblr seems to have doubled the number of blogs it hosts in a little less than a year. Developed in 2007, the service is slightly younger than Twitter.

So, what is it? It’s a microblogging platform. It’s similar to Twitter in its social interactivity: you’ll see all the Tumblr blogs you follow in a stream of posts. It’s also similar to Twitter in that the platform encourages you to post snippets: short posts, images, videos, quotes and links.

Tip: Tumblr is a simple way to get into image marketing, if you’re not into it already.

I’ve been blogging since 2000, so I’ve tried just about every platform, and Tumblr is the easiest to use. Let’s look at how you can use it to get traffic to your primary blog or website.

How to Use Tumblr As a Traffic Generator

Start by clicking the Customize button at the top right of your new microblog. (You need to be logged in.) Add a title, and a description. You can link to your primary blog (the one to which you want to send traffic) in your description. Click the Pages/ Add a Page link, to add pages. You can use your pages to promote anything you choose.

Then add your Twitter, Facebook and other social media profiles to the Social Bar.


1. Post Short, Eye-Catching Content

Got interesting photos? Post them. Users react to, and will reblog, humorous material. Rather than posting a photo of your CEO behind his desk therefore, post a photo of your CEO throwing a frisbee for his dog.

Pull a good quote from an article on your primary blog, and post that. (The service has a bookmarklet which makes it easy to post material in seconds.)

Remember to add tags (keywords) to your content.

2. Repurpose Your Blog’s Content

The older your primary blog is, the more great content it contains. Most of it will never be seen by your audience. Pull snippets and quotes from these articles and post them to your new microblog to give it a new lease of life.

You can queue content, choosing the number of items you want to add in a day, and the hours at which you want that content to go live.

3. Get Social: Reblog Posts from Blogs You’re Following

This service is a world of its own: you need to become part of that world. Follow others, and their content will appear in your stream. Reblog others’ often.

You’ll see that “notes” appear on each piece of content you’ve published, if others have “liked” or reblogged the content.

Here’s the reason I love Tumblr: you can build up a following, and get traffic from that following, in less than five minutes a day. Set up your microblog, and you’ll have fun, as well as growing your traffic.

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