Writing Journal 67: (Mac People) Hello, Yosemite

Writing Journal 67: (Mac People) Hello, Yosemite

My writing journal for Saturday 18, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

It’s Saturday, so that means I need to RUSH because it’s a short writing day, and I have coaching calls this afternoon and evening.

To save time, I shortened the writing time for the mystery novel, but managed 1,800 words. I skipped working on the nonfiction books completely, so I could focus on my email backlog.

Then, time for breakfast for Honey. I ate while dealing with today’s email.

Client reports, and dealing with edited material

I didn’t do any client reports for the week yesterday, which meant I had to do them today. I also received a couple of books from editors, which I need to assess for final changes. I’ll do that tonight.

Now it’s time for my errands. I need to be back early for my coaching calls.

A couple of writing students asked me about the new Mac OS, Yosemite. They’re new Mac people, and weren’t sure what to do, if anything at all.

A few tips, if you’re new to Macs.

If you’re a Mac person, Yosemite is here

Yosemite, the new Mac OS X is here. When it was announced yesterday, I promised myself that I’d wait a month before updating. Updating is always risky; if your most-used programs haven’t been upgraded to work with the new OS, you’re stuck.

“Yosemite announced, wait a month before upgrading” — that’s what I wrote in my bullet journal. Then I looked at the features, and noticed Handoff. I could start creating a presentation, and could finish it on my iPad.

And Safari got updated. Not to mention, security features… Sigh. No sooner had I finished my working day, than I decided, oh what the heck, and hit the Install button in the App Store.

I made sure I was ready first, so if you’re installing Yosemite, do this:

  • Make sure that your “MUST HAVE” apps have been updated to work with Yosemite. Visit the App Store, and update your apps;
  • BACK UP… Have a new backup. I use Time Machine, and also back up important files to both Evernote and Dropbox, so I was OK;
  • Make sure that your computer can run Yosemite.

Once you’ve done all that, you’re good to go. Yosemite’s a 5 GB download, so the time to download depends on your connection. Once it’s downloaded, the install took around half an hour for me.

Once Yosemite’s installed, your Mac will run like crap for a while, as it optimizes things in the background. Expect this — don’t panic.

Next, visit the App Store again. You’ll see more downloads, now that Yosemite is installed. Install the apps. Yesterday, the Yosemite download was fast; the updated apps took forever to download. It depends on how many others are doing what you’re doing.

After all that, run your backup program again, now that you have a bright and shiny new operating system.

Back again: coaching calls

I’m back, and need to prepare for today’s coaching calls. I read through clients’ materials, and make some notes. Then it’s time for the calls…

With the calls done, most of my day is done. I do my daily review. I’ve still got the edits to read through tonight, but that’s OK.

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What They Said About the iPad Three Years Ago (Snicker)

iPad Steve Jobs

The iPad’s three years old! If you love your iPad as much as I do, it’s time to look back and wonder at all those smarties who had such a lot to say after Steve Jobs’ announcement made the news.

A look back at the iPad naysayers | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog on the things they said:

“Things the iPad can’t do:

1. No Camera, that’s right, you can’t take pics and e-mail them.

2. No Web Cam, that’s right, no iChat or Skype Video chatting.

3. No Flash, that’s right, you can’t watch NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX or HULU.

4. No External Ports, such as Volume, Mic, DVI, USB, Firewire, SD card or HDMI”

Well… snicker… :-)

That wasn’t the worst, of course. Who can forget all the titters about the name, “iPad”?

Of all the names that Apple had reportedly secured–Apple Tablet, iTablet, Magic Slate, iSlate–I think it’s safe to say that no one truly believed that Apple would name their newest product the iPad. Especially women.

“So will the 64GB one be called the Maxi-Pad?”

“I’m holding out for the iRag.”


Here’s a quick video stroll down memory lane to Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad in 2010.

Has the iPad changed your life?

It’s changed mine. I spend more time on my iPad than I do on my desktop.

In 2010, when I took the iPad out of its box and turned it on for the first time, I thought back to my first Apple computer, in 1983. It was an Apple IIe, with a whole 64 KB of RAM. The kids loved it.

Who could imagine that less than 30 years later, a computer which was way more powerful would be the size of a magazine?

Thank you, Steve Jobs.

photo credit: Phil Gyford via photopin cc