Need to Collaborate? Clever and Free: Trello

Over the years, I’ve tried many collaboration apps, and here’s what I found: my clients were never as enthusiastic about them as I was. We always ended up going back to email, no matter how much I nagged.

Everyone uses email. Few people want learn a whole new program, no matter how easy it is.

So, when people started telling me about how great Trello is, I ignored them.

Then someone said: “it works everywhere!” And that got my attention. I had no intention of using it for clients, I wanted it for me, to make sure that nothing falls through the tracks.

From the Trello site:

Trello works on smartphones, tablets, laptops… just about anything. Just point your browser to and you’re using it on the go. There’s nothing to install or update.

I love apps which I can use on my phone and iPad, because I feel more creative when I’m out of the office than I do sitting in front of my work machine.

Trello is fun to access, no matter where you are, just like my other favorite app, Evernote.

For example, this morning I went to the library to get some quiet time with my novel. Because I have Trello, I also roughed out a client’s Web content strategy, and made notes for another client’s ghostwriting project.

Once I got back to the office, I carried on working on the projects; Trello updates itself pretty much instantly. Great stuff. :-)

So far, I’m using Trello to collaborate with my personal assistant, who also loves it. She can see what I’m working on right away; it definitely saves time. I haven’t mentioned it to any clients yet, but I will…

Disclosure — I have no connections to the Trello or the Evernote companies, I just love their apps.