Social Media Smarty: 5 Sizzling Tips To Ace Google+ Today

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You’ve heard about Google+ and you’re wondering what it can do for you.

If it’s just another social network, why bother? You’re tweeting, and you have Facebook pages. Why commit to yet another network which you need to monitor, and on which you need to develop content?

One word: Google. Another few words: identity, relevance, and search engine results.

In his book, Google chief Eric Schmidt said:

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

No one outside Google knows just how Google+ affects SEO, but you can assume that it does.

Charles Arthur in The Guardian, decided that:

Google+ isn’t a social network. It’s The Matrix.

Read his article, and you may well agree.

Look on your interaction on Google+ as an investment in your future. Google and the other search engines are important to anyone who does business online. You may not want to join yet another social network. However, once you see that your engagement on Google+ has positive effects, you’ll want to continue.

AJ Kohn has an excellent article on Google+ SEO:

In a nutshell Search+ transforms your search results based on the connections, interactions and activity you have on Google+. It is the largest search personalization effort ever attempted by Google.

Let’s look at five smart ways you can ace Google+ today.

1. Use it like a blog: attract a new audience

Mike Elgan’s a Google+ enthusiast who blogs on Google+. A Google+ post is like a blog post. It has its own URL, and you’ll often see articles from Google+ in the search engine results.

While using Google+ as your business’s blog is an option, it has significant drawbacks. When you’re using to blogging with WordPress or on some other service, you’ve developed the environment you want, to attract the audience you want.

Look at blogging short posts on Google+ as a way to attract a new audience, and funnel them where you’d like them to go.

2. Win attention with images: prettiness gets pluses

When you look at your stream in Google+, you’ll see that images get attention. We’ve talked about image marketing on Google+, and said:

Take your own photos. These photos don’t have to be taken with a super-duper digital camera, you can take them with your cell phone. I’ve just taken a couple of snaps with my cell phone which I’ll be using in an image marketing campaign for client.

Carry your phone around with you, and snap away.

Google+ is almost as image-focused as Tumblr. Build an inventory of images for Google+. If you’re using Pinterest, you can repurpose some of those images.

3. Write now, post later with the Chrome Do Share extension

"Do Share" Chrome extension
“Do Share” Chrome extension

When you use the Do Share Extension for Chrome, you can create your Google+ posts whenever you like. Do Share will schedule your posts for you, so that they’re published at times they’ll get the most attention.

If you’re running a promotions campaign, you can set up Do Share with posts at the start of the campaign. You’ll be notified of comments to your published posts in your Inbox, so that you can respond to them.

4. Create and join Communities: meet friends and engage them

Create and join Google+ Communities: your Community posts appear in the search results. Use Google Ripples to see how your content is shared.

5. You’re a curator on Google+: share with commentary

When you create a Google+ post, you can choose a type: text, photos, links, videos and events. However, be wary of posting posting naked links. Add commentary so that you get more pluses and shares.

Look on yourself as a content curator. When you’re posting material other than text, adding commentary helps SEO – you can even use hashtags. Google+ will add a primary hashtag for you. When you add commentary, it means that there’s more text for Google to index.

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Evernote Fan? You’ll Love the New Web Clipper for Chrome

New Web Clipper in Chrome
New Web Clipper in Chrome

Evernote can save your business. Seriously. I’ve had two experiences of things going badly wrong, and both times Evernote allowed me to keep working. Firstly when a hard drive and multiple backups on my primary work machine failed, and then when my cable modem died.

In both instances, everything important was in Evernote. I didn’t miss a single deadline.

I’ve written about being an Evernote fangirl before, when Evernote added Reminders. Hint to Evernote – a Dashboard, please:

There’s one other thing I’m hoping Evernote will add: a Dashboard. Ideally, notes with certain user-created criteria would be added to the Dashboard, so they’d be easy to find.

Fingers crossed. :-)

Evernote keeps getting better

I use Evernote every day, all day, on all of my devices. It just works, so I love it. There’s another thing to love too – the Evernote company. They work with other companies which makes their product better, and they give you things you didn’t even know you wanted.

I’m grateful that Evernote works with companies like LiveScribe and Zengobi, for example. I record interviews and chats with students via Livescribe, and everything goes into the relevant Evernote notebook. Zengobi produces Curio, my all-time favorite creativity tool, and Evernote/ Curio integration means that I can drag notes right into Curio idea spaces.

And re stuff you didn’t even know you wanted, Evernote has just updated its Web Clipper for Chrome. The Clipper now does much more.

You can save articles in different formats. From the Evernote blog:

  • Article: Clips the body content of the page, including images, links and styles
  • Selection: Clips the text and images that you highlight
  • Bookmark (NEW): Creates a note containing a snippet of the page and the URL
  • Simplified (NEW): We brought in features from our Clearly extension to strip the page of all distractions for easy reading and clean clipping

The Simplified format is stunning.

Markup your documents

Evernote’s brought Skitch into the Chrome Web Clipper, so you can mark up your documents before you save them. That’s a huge time saver. No need to go into Evernote to mark up docs in the app.

Don’t use Chrome?

Safari’s been my default browser for years. I keep Chrome open, so I can open Trello boards in tabs, to refer to them throughout the day, but Safari is my workhorse. I’ll need to switch that around.

If you’ve never used Chrome, give it a try. You’ll find it has some great add-ons, including add-ons for SEO. If you’re a Gmail user, Chrome also allows you to use Streak, which calls itself “CRM in your Inbox”, and that’s exactly what it is. If you have customers and sell, you’ll love Streak. (I’ll need to do a write up about Streak at some stage; it’s a gem.)

Evernote just got even better. Who knew that was even possible? Try the new Chrome Web Clipper. You’ll love it.

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