Article Writing – How to Build Your Client List by Writing Free Articles

Whatever your business, marketing is essential. Want to attract a constant stream of clients so that you’re booked solid for months ahead? Discover how you can save money and time with your marketing by writing free articles.

Article writing is essentially advertising your services. Did you know that in many cases article writing can double and triple your profits?

Article writing can build your client list and profits in many ways. Here are three:

1. Articles add content to your site: you attract prospects

All websites need content, because the more content you have the more visitors will arrive at your site via the search engines. Article writing increases the content on your site, increasing the opportunities for clients to find you as they conduct searches online.

If you post some of your articles to article directories, even more people arrive at your site, just by following the links in your articles.

Although article writing takes time, it’s much more cost-efficient than advertising, because when you stop paying your advertising stops sending you traffic. Articles stay online, and keep sending you traffic year after year, for free.

2. A mailing list keeps you top of mind with prospects

Once prospects arrive at your site – keep them! Create a mailing list, so you can keep in touch.

Offer a free a report or a white paper so that you can collect e-mail addresses. Most potential clients won’t need your services immediately, so keeping in touch with them via a newsletter means that they remain aware of your services.

A prospect may be on your mailing list for several years before he contacts you, and becomes a steady client.

3. Articles and search engine visibility and build your credibility, leading to more sales

Whatever your industry, you have competition. You need a way for prospects to get to know you. Article writing does that.

Articles mean that your prospective clients get to know who you are, and the way you think. You may find that they recommend you and your services to others, without even having used your services themselves.

If you haven’t yet discovered the power of article writing, write some articles – or hire someone to write them. You will be amazed at the increase in traffic to your site, and the increase in your profits.

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