Buffer App: Now With RSS Feeds

Buffer social media app

As I clicked around Buffer this morning (as you do), I noticed a Feeds New! tab. What…? I had to query Buffer’s Help for “RSS” to see what it was all about. You add your blogs’ feeds’ links to the tab, and Buffer drags in your latest posts.

Then, to add a post to any of the social media sites you’ve set up, you simply click Add. Total genius. One more reason to adore Buffer.

TNW reports:

“This has been one of our most requested features from big publishers to small bloggers and individuals who just want to follow their favorite blogs and share their stories alike,” explains Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich.

Buffer just keeps getting better. This new feature is a huge time saver.  Kudos to Buffer. You’re using Buffer, aren’t you? :-)

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5 Great Free Content Marketing Tools You Can Use Now

5 Great Free Content Marketing Tools You Can Use Now

Information is the new advertising, because content (knowledge) engenders trust. A recent report from Nielsen found that when consumers found a new product via an online search, 67% of respondents were more likely to buy it.

That’s wonderful, but creating content takes time. And good tools. So let’s look at five great free content marketing tools which will help you to create content, and promote it.

1. Editorially: speedy content creation and collaboration

Content creation takes time. It takes even more time when others are involved.

If you’re using email to collaborate on content, you know the challenges and frustrations. Editorially takes the hassle out of content collaboration. Basically it’s a plain text editor. You write using Markdown syntax, which takes you two minutes to learn.


  • You can invite people to collaborate on a document, or you can work alone. If you want someone’s opinion, just highlight some text, and click the New Discussion button.
  • There’s a versions timeline, and you can save a new version, with or without notes, at any time.
  • With just a click, you can send a document to Dropbox, or WordPress.

Editorially makes content creation fast and easy.

2. MozBar: X-ray Web pages to improve SEO

MozBar is a free SEO (search engine optimization) extension for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. There’s a paid update, but for casual use, the free version is all you need. It’s a wonderful tool: you can X-ray a Web page.

You can read the extensive tutorial to discover MozBar’s functionality, but I use it primarily to discover what’s missing with a Web page, by looking at the page elements, and checking the link data. You can check the headings, the meta data, alt text, and more. The link data shows you what authority the page has, and how you might improve it.

3. socialmention: track keywords and mentions

Socialmention is a real-time social media search and analysis tool. You can use it to search for keywords in blogs, bookmarks, videos and elsewhere, or you can opt to search everything. You can also use it to search for companies, products, or anything else you need to track. For example, if you’re promoting a product, you can check who’s talking about it, and where.

Once you’ve run a search, you can add the RSS feed to your news reader, get an email alert (like Google Alerts), or download a CSV file so you can analyze the data.

4. Buffer: share your content at the best times

You need to share your content on social media. Buffer’s a hassle-free way. Not only can you share on Twitter, you can share on LinkedIn, and Facebook and Google+ pages. Once you’ve shared, you can track analytics from the toolbar.

5. Evernote: your office in your pocket

Content creators and marketers store and track a huge amount of material. Evernote keeps you organized, so that you can access your information wherever you happen to be, on any device.

Premium members can even turn any content in Evernote into an instant presentation; it’s ideal for meetings, and whenever you need to share information quickly.

These five tools are powerful, and they’re free. They’re perfect for small business, and will help you both to create content, and to promote it.


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New: Buffer Takes Charge of Your LinkedIn Updates Now

Buffer now updates LinkedIn
Buffer now updates LinkedIn

Wonderful social media scheduling company Buffer has just announced that you can now add your LinkedIn profile and company pages to the app. This means that you can schedule updates to LinkedIn.

This is wonderful for me, because I tend to ignore LinkedIn in favor of Twitter and Google+.

From the announcement page:

After announcing the addition of being able to post and schedule to Google+ pages a few weeks back, we’re super excited to bring you another one of the most popular feature requests to Buffer this week: Buffer for LinkedIn Company pages.

Schedule your social media updates on YOUR schedule

I love that Buffer not only lets you schedule your updates, you can create any schedule you please, for any social media profile or page on the networks. Want frequent updates? Add more updates to the Buffer schedule tab. Set any schedule you please, for any day of the week.

Not only can you set your own schedules, and have a different schedule for any social media profile and page, Buffer gives you analytics too, so you can do more of what works.

Yes, I know I sound like a total Buffer fangirl. That’s OK. I am – anything that saves me time and energy gets a huge tick from me.

If you’re not using Buffer, and if social media exasperates you because it can be such a time sink, try Buffer. You’ll be glad you did.

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Google+ Is Now On Buffer! Joy, Oh Joy

Connect Google+ to Buffer
Connect Google+ to Buffer

You’re on social media. You’re pushed for time. You need to schedule posts. So, what do you do? You use Buffer, of course. It’s fast and easy.

Buffer works with Twitter and Facebook… But not with Google+. If you’re a Google+ fan, as increasing numbers of folks are, you’re slightly peeved that you can’t Buffer Google+.

Hello, joy and delight. Now you can connect Google+ to Buffer.

Buffer has an excellent how-to:

 Improve the Formatting of your posts through Buffer

Google+ has a very powerful posting editor that let’s you format your text in a variety of ways. Of course, all of these also work through Buffer, here are the most important ones you need to know:

The most important ones are below. Left is the formatting to get the right handside once you hit publish:

  • *Word* = Word

  • _Word_ =  Word

  • -Word- =  Word

When Buffer users were asked for feedback, Google+ sharing has been the most-requested feature for the past two years.

If you’re like me, and you’ve been waiting for this feature — go and connect. See you on Google+. :-)
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