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It’s hard to keep coming up with ideas for your blog in the rush and bustle of daily life...

Running out of ideas for blog posts? I’ve just been scanning my feed reader, and some of my favorite blogs haven’t been updated in months, so getting content ideas is obviously a challenge.

That’s always a danger when you’re writing a blog; you lose interest in the blog because you run out of ideas.

Here’s how to get fresh ideas and inspiration: learn something new.

What would YOU like to learn?

On one of my writing blogs I’ve started to offer podcasts and videos. This opens up whole new blog topic areas for me as I learn new applications, and put my learning into practice. Learning new things helps me to see old topics in a new way; it’s also rekindled my enthusiasm for that blog, and for blogging in general.

Almost any topic you’re blogging about will lend itself to the “learn something new” strategy.

Let’s see how you could put this strategy to work for you:

* If your blog was about cooking, for example, why not take a cooking class? You could also interview cooks, write restaurant interviews, or add “wine” to your blog’s categories and start writing about wine.

* If your blog is about a business topic, think about other business areas you could cover. Business is a huge topic. It involves finance, customer service, managing staff, time management – the list of topics you could potentially cover is endless.

* If you’re blogging for a specific business (your own or someone else’s), the “learn something new” strategy applies here, too. Take your video camera to a convention, or talk to members of your staff and ask them to explain their areas of expertise to you.

So learn something new today. Blogging will be fun again and you’ll create fresh new content and will get new readers too.


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