Writing a Blog? Here Are My Top 10 Content Tips

Writing a Blog? Here Are My Top 10 Content Tips

These days, businesses large and small know the value of blogging. Not only does a blog bring new customers and clients to your website, your blog allows you to interact with the clients you already have. If you own a small business, or are a consultant, blogging is even more valuable.

I’ve been blogging for 15 years. I have many blogs, and create blogs for others. Let’s look at some blog content tips you can put into action today.

1. Know Your Reader.

Who’s your reader? Think of a “reader”, rather than a group. Even if you’re creating a business blogs, blogs are personal and social. Imagine this reader. Who is this person? What kind of problems does she have? How can your business help?

2. “So What?” Create Content Readers Can Use TODAY.

Any piece of content you create should have a goal. You’re creating content to inform, or to persuade… or to entertain. When developing content there are two rules — never be boring, and never leave your reader thinking: “so what?!

Speaking of entertaining, consider using humor in your content.  5 Hilarious Pieces of Branded Content That Will Inspire Your Editorial Strategy gives you some excellent ideas.

3. Grab Attention With Your Titles.

A blog post’s title is your headline. If a reader won’t read your headline, she won’t read your post.

Go to magazines.com and study the covers. You’ll get inspired to create some “must read” post titles.

4. Readers Love Lists.

Yes. They do. If you can come up with a “top 100” or even a “top 10” list of something or other, you’ll attract readers and links.

5. SEO Counts: Page Titles and Descriptions (readers need to find your content.)

Did you know that you can have a different post title and page title? This is important for SEO. If you want to write a title without any keywords, put a keyword into the page title.

6. Be Consistent: Create a content schedule and stick to it.

I create a content schedule for my blogs on Sundays.

You may prefer to create your content a month ahead, or three months ahead. If you blog regularly, and have a blog which is like a magazine or regular publication, consider creating an editorial calendar for the entire year. This is essential if you want to attract advertisers.

7. Forget Formality: Be yourself. Write as you speak.

Yes. Be yourself. Even if your blog’s relatively formal — you give financial advice for example — write as you speak.

8. Check It: Use spell check and proof read.

Typos are inevitable, but don’t court them. Proofread your content.

9. Connect With Others: Be social.

Promote your blog posts on social media, and elsewhere too.

10. Shine: Be enthusiastic and have fun.

Yes, have fun. Remember, blogs are “social”.

Update: June 18, 2014

I wrote this post over 15 months ago; so it was time to update it for 2014.

Here are the tips as a slideshow

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