Blog Content: 3 Silly-Simple Ways to Highlight, Promote and Energize Your Content

Blog Content: 3 Silly-Simple Ways to Highlight, Promote and Energize Your Content

I’m helping a couple of small business owners to get into the spirit of blogging. My top tip: make it easy on yourself to create and promote content. No one expects you to write 900-word blog posts every day. That’s exhausting. Create a mix of content, which works for you and for your audience.

We’ve discussed creating goals for your blog before, so if you haven’t done that already, please do that first. Your blog needs to have a goal. Your goals will change over time.

Have you created a goal? Excellent. Review your blog’s goals regularly. (I’m working with J.D. Meier’s 30 Days of Getting Results, which has a superb strategy for working  with your goals. I’ll be writing about it soon.)

OK, with your goals firmly in mind, let’s look at three silly-simple ways to get more value from your blogging.

Tip 1. Highlight your best content: keep it alive.

Have you created a truly useful blog post you know will help your readers? If you have, it’s your responsibility to get it in front of them, in any way you can.

If you haven’t created a mailing list yet, do that right now. Encourage your blog visitors to subscribe to your list. If you connect your list to your blog, your subscribers will be updated each time you post.

Once a week, or once every couple of weeks, send a brief “you might have missed” mailing, highlighting your best content.

Tip 2. Promote your best content: it’s worth it.

Yes, promote your content on social media. However, promote beyond too. Consider promoting your blog posts to people who wouldn’t otherwise see your content. Turn your blog post into a report, and give it away for free.

Consider promoting your report with a press release.

Tip 3. Energize your content: update it.

Your blog’s posts appear chronologically, and soon disappear off your blog’s home page. Out of sight can mean out of mind, if you allow it.

Energize your blog’s content by updating it regularly. Add “Update my blog!” to your calendar program. Then, once a week, or once a month, update a blog post or two. It’s amazing how easily your content can become slightly out of date.

You and your business are changing too. Update older content to bring it to life, and make it work for your business. Don’t forget to promote your updated content.

So, there you have it. Three ways to highlight, promote and energize your content.

Your next step: create a plan

Brainstorm ways you can use these tips. Then create some tasks, and add those tasks to your calendar. Your blog – and your readers – will thank you.


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